The rise of Korean prowess in consumer technology, from electric cars to electronics

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The Korean tech wave has improved our lives in many ways, including how we drive and communicate, and even how we hydrate.

In the 2020s, the electronics powerhouse of South Korea has been producing and popularising sophisticated smartphones for people to stay connected on the go, state-of-the-art appliances for the home or office, and advanced electric vehicles for the new era of motoring. 

Flag-flying Korean automaker Hyundai even set up an EV assembly plant in Jurong, which builds the Ioniq 5 electric hatchback for the Singapore market. In line with our government’s Smart Nation roadmap, the facility utilises Industry 4.0 technologies such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G connectivity, and Internet of Things.

Indeed, some of the nicest Korean things are the modern gadgets we rely on to make our everyday lives easier, better and, well, more liveable. These include mobile devices galore, awesome televisions, “turbo” washing machines, refrigerators which are cool in more ways than one, and premium water dispensers.

The greatest Korean advantage, however, goes beyond creating electronics which the masses want/need/like to use. It is how the country generates the heartware to go with all the hardware. 

Hallyu (“Korean wave”) is the unstoppable cultural phenomenon powering the global ascension of Taegeukgi in the fields of motoring, music and entertainment. It’s like a worldwide squid game that Seoul is winning all the way. 

Everyone anywhere in Asia can be a winner, though, by employing the best of Korean technology on the road, in the pocket, or in the kitchen.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1719913020226 The+Rise+Of+Korean+Prowess+In+Consumer+Technology+Pic2These premium products showcase the best of Korean design and technology.

Wells water dispensers, for instance, were designed and developed in South Korea to bring pure drinking water to homes and workspaces in Singapore - conveniently and efficiently. The appliances are also made in Korea for the assurance of excellent quality, reliable functionality and long-lasting durability. 

Wells’ signature water dispenser, simply called The One, is a winner of four international design awards, including a prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The organisation cited the sensual user-experience offered by the product, which smoothly combines stylish aesthetics with sensible ergonomics. 

The highlight is a circular touch-control panel with colour LCD display and intuitive infographics, which makes controlling the water temperature (six different temperatures instantly) and adjusting the water flow (between 120 and 1,000 millilitres) feel like a sleight of hand by a homely magician. 

The six instant temperature modes are 6°C (Cold), 27°C (Room), 36.5°C (Body Temp), 50°C (Baby Milk), 70°C (Tea), and 85°C (Coffee). The One is also smart enough to switch automatically from standby to ready-for-action by detecting a person with its built-in passive infrared sensor.

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The magical machine also looks the part. At first glance, it could be mistaken for an exotic engine component crafted by a million-dollar workshop, or a ceramic artwork created by an eccentric artist who accepts cryptocurrency as payment. 

In reality, Wells The One might be the most radical yet practical water-dispenser design that money can buy. 

The faucet’s compact footprint, with a nominal diameter of 8.8 cm, allows it to be parked comfortably on the countertop (with the dispenser’s filtration system housed below). At the same time, the 180-degree rotation function and multi-tray increase versatility, while the elegant exterior will match any decor or even give it a little upgrade. 

Personalisation comes with the package, starting with a choice of five contemporary colours - white, red, dark brown, pink, or mint. The rose-gold metallic accents add an extra dash of elegance.  

There is substance underpinning the style, just like how the most capable Korean cars have first-class engineering beneath their sleek appearance. 

Wells The One Water Dispenser is said to have the most thorough filtering system among direct-dispensing water purifiers in Singapore. The nine-step nanofiltration process is able to remove seven types of heavy metals and 35 different kinds of harmful microorganisms, but lets good minerals go through. Furthermore, the cleanliness of the water is ensured with the integrated sterilising system. 

Whether it is enjoying pure drinking water from The One by Wells or driving a fancy Ioniq electric car by Hyundai, the Korean tech wave continues to improve our lives and enhance our lifestyles.

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