Porsche Singapore brings Roughroads to Beach Road with a special showcase

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The Porsche Roughroads showcase at Guoco Midtown Square, 128 Beach Road, features a 911 Dakar, a Cayenne field camp, a safari-inspired cafe menu and official thematic merchandise.

Smooth roads are the norm in the heart of town, but the anchor tenant of Guoco Midtown has created a special Porsche exhibit which celebrates the rough-and-tumble of sporty motoring in the great outdoors.

The Roughroads showcase, which runs from 14 May to 12 June 2024 (10am to 8pm daily) , has two tough Porsches on display - a 911 Dakar sports car with Rally Design Package that pays tribute to the 1984 Dakar-winning 911 Carrera 3.2, and a Cayenne SUV with the latest roof tent from Tequipment.

The 911 Dakar is designed for couple-camping in Kedah and farther afield, with outdoorsy options such as a roof tent, and a roof rack fitted with additional headlights plus off-roading equipment. As a rally-ready coupe, the 911 Dakar comes standard with bespoke Pirelli off-road tyres, SUV-like ground clearance and approach angles, front and rear steel tow hooks, and a chassis able to tackle Africa. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1716370302386 Porsche+Roughroads+Guoco+Midtown+Pic2Porsche's toughened 911 for rich folks sleeping in Dakar or shopping in Taka.

Whether in Africa or in Asia, the five-door Cayenne is obviously more practical and comfortable than the toughened 911 with just two seats. 

Glamping with the Porsche SUV is easy with the Porsche Tequipment roof tent, which offers a spacious floor surface, breathable cotton-blend walls and a high-density poly foam mattress when deployed from its designer hardcase. 

The tented Cayenne is probably conducive to rich people’s dreams of sleeping in Dakar, or shopping in Taka for that matter. 

Folks dreaming of campfire barbecue will enjoy the specially-curated safari menu at Cafe Carrera by Baker & Cook, which includes Truffle Trek Pizza and Flame-Grilled Steak Sandwich. The same folks could complete their little adventure by getting clothes and mementos from the Roughroads collection in the Porsche lifestyle boutique - before they return to the smooth roads of downtown Singapore. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1716370311104 Porsche+Roughroads+Guoco+Midtown+Pic3Visitors don't have to rough it after viewing Roughroads - they can eat good food and get nice clothes.

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