Motormouth: Car companies like to hire car nuts from the motoring media because they are multi-purpose workers able to talk about cars like nobody’s business

Published by on . Updated on 16 May 2024

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Motoring writers are poached by car companies for their car-centric skill set, which is applicable across the whole automotive spectrum - sales, aftersales, marketing, product, public/press relations, and corporate communications.  

Of course, these professional petrolheads also have a passion for automobiles and driving, which manifests in their stories, photos, videos and conversations. 

The hardcore ones even have car-related hobbies, such as playing racing games and radio-controlled vehicles, following and/or taking part in motorsports, going karting, doing road trips, planning driveaway holidays, and modifying their own car or two just for fun. 

More than a few motoring writers also enjoy reading (usually automotive articles) and watching media online (mostly about cars).

In other words, the job of a full-time motoring writer is closer to a preoccupation than an occupation per se. It goes beyond writing about cars - to living them, day in, day out, from behind the keyboard to beyond the workplace parc ferme. 

The blood coursing through his veins is half plasma and half petrol, with an addictive dose of octane booster. He feels the need for speed - on or off the road, between an imaginary starting grid and a self-declared checkered flag. 

He walks the torque and never “brakes” ranks with motoring enthusiasts; whether they are readers or fellow writers, corporate leaders or social followers, subordinates or superiors.  

Car company bosses, whether inspired or misguided, might notice the potential of the motoring journo as a useful new cog in the machine of the enterprise. 

They would save on training costs too, because the onboarding would be as straightforward as starting an engine. 

Just show him the pantry, restroom and emergency exits, then issue his staff pass, laptop and company smartphone, and he’s good to go on his first day as the whatever manager of whichever make who used to be a motoring writer. 

Writing punchy press releases without factual or grammatical errors - check! Instinctively editing colleagues’ work documents to make them easier or nicer to read - check! Automatically proofreading the copy in all collateral meant for advertising, marketing, campaigns, and events - check!

Shuffling the company’s demo cars with the confidence and precision of an experienced valet - check! Refuelling them just a little slower than a Formula One pit stop - check! 

Excellent knowledge of cars and vehicular technologies, including those belonging to other brands in the business - check! And most important of all, expert handling of pesky journalists - check! 

The job scope is big, but so is the pay cheque. 

A high salary is a novelty to the average auto writer, who survives on catered food at car launches and the complimentary coffee in car showrooms. On the job, he thrives on the test drives - the chicken soup for his soul. The frequent-flyer miles he earns from all those media junkets are desperately exchanged for biscuits, bread and Milo.

The artist really suffers for his art, so the temptation to go “commercial” is great. After all, remuneration, rather than passion, pays the bills at the end of the day. Said bills include instalments, insurance, road tax, fuel and maintenance for the suffering artist’s personal vehicle, if he has one.  

Car companies, especially the multinationals with regional operations, offer highly attractive wages. They also pay the salaries and CPF on time, reimburse petty-cash claims promptly, and may even give a 13th-month bonus on top of performance incentives. 

Sweetening the deal in some cases are perks like a company car (which is periodically swopped for a different, often newer model), a corporate credit card, three to four weeks of annual leave, and a generous health plan. The journalistic manager also has an executive or two at his beck and call, plus a variety of nubile interns who are eager to please. 

His swanky office in the motor belt is also a major upgrade from the uncomfortable cubicle where the ex-journo wrote countless stories about cars. Best of all, his car company pantry is well-stocked with biscuits, bread and Milo. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1715517552339 Motormouth+ +Car+Companies+Like+To+Hire+Car+Nuts+From+The+Motoring+Media+ +Pic2Car companies value car writers for their technical knowledge and driving skill - apparently.

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