[2024 Update] The Motorist Guide to choosing between Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints

Published by on . Updated on 22 Apr 2024

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Heading to Malaysia for a quick getaway? As a Singaporean, you have two checkpoints to consider: Woodlands and Tuas. Each offers distinct advantages depending on your priorities. Let's break down the key factors to help you pick the perfect route.

Traffic: If battling congestion is your biggest concern, Tuas Checkpoint might be your champion. Because it caters to a smaller volume of travellers compared to Woodlands, waiting times are generally shorter, especially during peak hours. To make things even easier, download the motorist app that provides real-time traffic information for both Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. This will give you a clear picture of the situation at each crossing and help you choose the route with the smoothest flow.

Cost: Here's a win for Woodlands. The causeway toll for cars is cheaper for a return trip at SGD$6.50 (RM 19.5) compared to Tuas' SGD$9.90 (RM 29.7).

Destination: Planning to explore Johor Bahru itself? Woodlands is the clear winner. Just across the causeway, you'll be greeted by a plethora of restaurants, hotels, and attractions, perfect for a quick day trip. If you're heading further north to Malacca or Kuala Lumpur, Tuas might be a better choice as it connects to highways leading directly to those destinations.

Public Transport: Travelling by bus or train? Woodlands is the only option with public transport connections on both sides of the border.

Facilities: Woodlands boasts a larger and more modern immigration complex with better amenities. If you're travelling with bulky luggage or need currency exchange, Woodlands provides a more convenient experience.

Here's a quick table to summarise:

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Ultimately, the best checkpoint depends on your priorities. If you prioritise speed and shorter queues, Tuas might be ideal. However, if you value convenience, cost-effectiveness, and access to public transport, or are exploring Johor Bahru itself, Woodlands might be the smarter choice.

Bonus Tip: Consider checking traffic conditions at both checkpoints online before your departure to make a more informed decision on the day. Download the Motorist app This mobile app offers a checkpoint feature specifically for those travelling between Singapore and Johor Bahru, providing real-time updates to help you choose the checkpoint with the shortest waiting time. The Motorist app is a super app designed to simplify car ownership.  From managing vehicle information and renewals to offering real-time traffic updates and even a checkpoint wait time feature for trips between Singapore and Johor Bahru, Motorist helps drivers navigate the roads and save time and money.

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