Dog lovers would be foolish not to order Honda’s Pet Activated Wireless System (PAW-S), which lets their furry friend open the car boot

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Specially introduced on 1st April 2024, the clever new system for Honda SUVs uses a high-tech dog collar to open the car boot automatically when the adorable animal approaches. 

No need for the human to press a key fob or tailgate button - just let the dog do its thing and jump into the trunk. The system is smart enough to disable its auto remote function whenever the PAW-S tagged dog is in the vehicle, so the powered boot lid will close and cannot be opened from the inside. Another safety feature is the dog harness attachment for the ISOfix points.

Optional accessories make the boot homely for your doggy - automatic unfolding steps, recessed spill-proof bowl holders, a removable “accident” corner, a paw-activated treat dispenser, and a built-in toy. 

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For canines who prefer to be in the cabin with their favourite people, the PAW-S (Pet Activated Wireless System) package includes an onboard kennel of nose-activated amenities. 

These include satellite-navigation alerts for nearby parks and forests, a “Find Friends” contact list of your best furry friend’s own besties, canine-tested climate control for maximum canine comfort in any weather, interactive video footage of birds and fish in their natural habitats, and even a barky-walkie-talkie for easy communication between dog and driver. 

If only there was a woofer just for Woofy to enjoy his music even more. 

More than 300 dogs, across 52 different breeds, from great little Chihuahuas to Great Danes, took part in the development of Honda’s Pet Activated Wireless System. The whole team’s doggedness has created a pawsome technology to make Honda SUVs more dog-friendly. 

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