Motorist builds on its proven automotive ecosystem with a strategic investment by Tokyo Century Leasing (Singapore)

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Tokyo Century Leasing (Singapore) led a Series A strategic investment in Motorist at USD60 million valuation.

Following the strategic investment in Motorist by Tokyo Century Leasing (Singapore), a major player in vehicle financing, there are greater opportunities for “twin-turbo” collaboration between the two companies to boost the efficiency and accessibility of lending solutions for customers. 

This ties in with Motorist’s aim of simplifying vehicle ownership, with a comprehensive range of services that cater to all aspects of owning a vehicle, especially if it’s a car. 

The investment by Tokyo Century Leasing (Singapore) adds power to the “engine” that drives the Motorist ecosystem, which has facilitated the buying and selling of more than USD1 billion worth of vehicles since its founding in 2015. The automotive technology startup achieved this milestone in 2023, just five years after hitting USD100 million in total vehicle sales transactions. 

Even more important than the thousands of cars which changed hands with expert help from Motorist is the overall experience for the many more consumers and dealers involved. 

User-friendly infotech is the key here, which Motorist has optimised to make the buying/selling process seamless and transparent, not only for the car owners/buyers who want the best outcomes for themselves, but also for the motor traders who need to cut a deal. 

At the heart of the formula is the Motorist super app, used by 15 percent of vehicle owners in Singapore. Motorist is also operational in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, which are massive Asian car markets with equally huge growth potential for a proven automotive app that works well, serves its purpose and can even help to get your ride on the road.

According to Damian Sia, founder and CEO of Motorist, the company is seeking additional investors for its Series A round and building a network of strategic partnerships that can bring holistic improvements to the automotive business.

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