Rolls-Royce Ushers in a New Era of Mobility With Launch of All-Electric Spectre

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Rolls-Royce announced back in 2021 that the British luxury marque will pivot to electrifying its entire portfolio by 2030. And the first vehicle that ushers in this new era of mobility is the Spectre.

Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. The world’s first ultra-luxury electric super coupé was developed over 2.5 million kilometres of road testing, and builds on Rolls-Royce’s electric pedigree – the brand’s co-founder Charles Rolls prophesied an electric future for the motor car after experiencing The Columbia Electric Carriage.

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He foresaw the technology’s suitability as a clean, noiseless alternatIve to the internal combustion engine – providing there was sufficient infrastructure to support it. More than a century later, Rolls-Royce showcased a fully electric Experimental Phantom concept named 102EX and the 103EX.

The Spectre is the very first all-electric Rolls-Royce that customers can actually buy. Powering this super coupé are a pair of electric motors that produce a combined 584 bhp and 900 Nm of torque. It has a 102 kWh battery, and can charge at up to 195 kW DC.

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Spectre’s interior contains a wealth of technologically advanced Bespoke features. For the first time on a series production Rolls-Royce, these include Starlight Doors, which incorporate 4,796 softly-illuminated LED ‘stars’. If they wish, customers can alternatively choose a backdrop of Canadel panelling, hand-crafted from a range of exquisite woods.

Also, the Spectre’s Illuminated Fascia, which has been developed over the course of two years and more than 10,000 collective hours, incorporates the Spectre nameplate surrounded by a cluster of over 5,500 stars. Located on the passenger side of the dashboard, the illuminations are completely invisible when the motor car is not in operation.

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The Spectre is the fourth series Rolls-Royce to be built on the Architecture of Luxury platform, which is unique and proprietary to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. It comprises an all-aluminium spaceframe that is infinitely scalable and modifiable around four fixed points, one at each corner of the motor car. Its design draws inspiration from worlds far beyond automotive, including haute couture, modernist sculpture, nautical design, tailoring and contemporary art.

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It will now embark on a regional tour, offering clients and media alike an opportunity to draw closer to the brand. Spectre represents a promise made, a prophecy kept and a remarkable undertaking in electrifying this storied British nameplate.

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Prices start at S$2,138,888 (without COE).

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