BMW Lights Up the Night With M Town

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What's better than a BMW M car? Two, perhaps? Try an entire fleet of them, as BMW had demonstrated at their recent M Town event.

Held at the decommissioned Pasir Panjang Power Station last weekend, the Bavarian carmaker brought out iconic M cars from the past and present to be showcased in front of over 600 invited guests and BMW M owners, including a mint example of their legendary E46 M3 CSL, and their million-dollar XM flagship SUV.

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Taking centre stage – quite literally – were a pair of M2 Coupés that we had previewed last month, both equipped with a tasty 3.0-litre S58 twin-turbo inline-six engine, putting out 453 bhp and 550 Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

But the main highlight of M Town was definitely the launch of the all-new M3 CS, a limited-run special edition that promises to deliver an even more brutal and lightning quick driving experience than the regular M3. 

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Keeping its kerb weight low on the scale, the M3 CS utilises carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) on various parts of its body, including the roof, bonnet, and rear diffuser. BMW states that it also uses a titanium rear silencer on the exhaust system, shaving more than four kilograms off the weight. Altogether, this special edition is some 20 kilograms lighter than the M3 Competition.

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Lightweight body panels and more aggressive aerodynamic parts aside, the all-wheel drive sports saloon packs an upgraded inline-six powerplant with M TwinPower Turbo technology, pushing out 550 horses and 650 Nm of torque. It clocked a 0-100 km/h timing of just 3.4 seconds, and tops out at 302 km/h. 

According to BMW, this very same engine serves as the basis for the heart that beats inside their DTM-spec BMW M4 GT3 race car.

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Staggered wheel sets, with 19-inch tyres at the front and 20-inch ones behind, are standard on the M3 CS and come with specially-designed high performance rubber.

Other goodies that are exclusive to this top-spec M3 are the paint finishes, like the Frozen Solid White bodywork and Gold Bronze wheel finish, the latter of which can also be finished matte black should the customer desire. The M3 CS retails at S$872,888 (accurate at press time).

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M Town also gave a chance for BMW M owners and enthusiasts to mingle around over delicious food provided by official food partner The Maha Co. and several other beverage partners, while grooving to music performances put out by local talents and deejays.

There was even a booth set up for guests to order their very own M Town t-shirts, with up to half a dozen unique designs to choose from! And best of all, they got to see their tees being printed in real time by skilled craftsmen.

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According to Mr. Lars Nielsen, Managing Director, BMW Group Asia, “BMW M Town was an unforgettable experience that stimulated your senses of sight, sound and taste. From a range of the latest BMW M models on display, such as the M2 and XM, to the stimulating musical performances, to the delectable selection of food and beverage from official food partner The Maha Co, official beer partner Heineken Silver, and official liquor partner Martell, we had it all. 

"This event was proof that BMW M is not just about the metal – it’s about the community and the desire to celebrate the most powerful letter in the world.”

Photo Credits: Muhammad Mu'tasim (@mutasimdrives)

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