Hyundai Future-Proofs EV Ecosystem in Singapore With Tailored Charging Solutions

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Hyundai Motor Company announced earlier this week that they're on track towards improving overall access to electric vehicle (EV) charging services for Hyundai owners in Singapore.

To fully realise this vision, the carmaker has partnered with Schneider Electric, P.UP, Charge+, and OCBC Bank to create a multipronged approach that encompasses home and mobile charging solutions, exclusive rebates on destination charges, and more.

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Speaking to members of the media at the Open Farm Community urban farm and restaurant, Mr. Andy Kang, VP of Sales Innovation Group at the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS), said, "Hyundai has been working to make hassle-free EV ownership a reality for Singapore's drivers, and today, together with our esteemed partners, we have rolled out differentiated charging solutions to make it as easy as possible to own, maintain and upkeep an EV."

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Schneider Electric, the leading AC charger provider in Singapore, will work together with the automaker to provide integrated hardware and installation at homes of Hyundai owners living in private estates. 

The 7.4 kW charger, called EVLink™ Home, will come with free standard installation and a charging device, complete with a three-year warranty for the EV charger (exclusively for Hyundai drivers) and a one-year warranty for installation work.

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Mobile charging provider Power Up Tech, or P.UP, is also stepping up to the plate by delivering power on demand to Hyundai EV owners, regardless of the time of day. Reservations can be made just two hours in advance, and covers both Singapore and Sentosa. 

P.UP's 24/7 service is made possible by having a fleet of electric vans on standby, all carrying power generators and CCS 2 fast chargers in the cargo space.

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This partnership between P.UP and Hyundai provides 12 months' charging, with up to six charges a month. There's even a complimentary car was and tyre shine during the charging session, ensuring that your Hyundai EV is fully charged and sparkling clean upon completion.

But that's not all.

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Local EV charging network operator Charge+ will offer Hyundai owners with over a year of free charging from their charging network located in Singapore and in the region. To date, the company has about 1,000 active EV charging points in Singapore, with most of them located in HDB estates, condominiums, and shopping malls. 

Hyundai customers can look forward to having 18 months of free charging with monthly credits at 220 kWh, or 12 months with monthly credits at 330 kWh for higher-mileage owners.

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The carmaker is also working hand in hand with Singapore bank OCBC to launch exclusive rebates on destination charging. 

Hyundai customers can receive up to $2,000 in rebates whenever they use an OCBC credit card to pay for their charging usage at a variety of providers, such as Charge+, Shell Recharge, SP Grop, CDG ENGIE, and many others, over a two-year period. This marks the first time that a carmaker here has introduced island-wide charging rebates across varying charging providers.

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Authorised distributor Komoco Motors will also provide quality aftersales service care, through their new EV Service Centre at their Alexandra Road showroom. A world-first for Hyundai, the clean-lab looking facility is equipped with advanced tools and certified EV specialists to guide owners through their EV journey.

All Hyundai EV customers may opt for a free EV home charger, which includes standard installation and extended warranty. Alternatively, they can choose mobile charging perks or free charging credits. 

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Hyundai Motor Group plans to launch their first E-pit ultra-fast charging stations in its own Innovation Center to support the new wave of EVs like the IONIQ 5 and future made-in-Singapore cars. 

One of the highlights to look out for once the E-pit stations are open will be the Plug & Charge feature. Any Hyundai EV with an 800 V system can be charged to 80% in just 18 minutes at these stations, allowing the car to run about 100 km on a five-minute charge.

Photo Credits: Hyundai Motor Company and Muhammad Mu'tasim (@mutasimdrives)

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