70mai Launches Dash Cam Omni, Includes 360-Degree View & Advanced Driver Assistance Features

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Dash-mounted cameras have become an increasingly indispensable accessory for every car owner here as of late.

With more traffic-related incidents happening on our roads, it's only wise to invest in a proper dash cam that can record each passing moment in high definition, and from multiple angles. Up till now, many cars on the roads today are only equipped with two cameras – front and rear, limiting the visibility of the vehicle's sides.

Which is where smart car electronics company 70mai comes in. Their latest device, the Dash Cam Omni, is able to rotate provide a full 360° view of its surroundings, ensuring that all points of the vehicle are covered.

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It features a 140° field-of-view camera which swivels via a two-phase stepper motor to give an all-round coverage, and records in 1080p resolution with a frame rate of up to 60 fps. All of this means that even in fast-moving environments, the footage captured on the Dash Cam Omni is crystal clear.

Low-light conditions are also not an issue, as the camera has a wide F1.5 aperture and PureCel®Plus-S HDR technology. In our test with the product, it was able to record consistently clear and bright videos even when we entered and exited tunnels.

The Dash Cam Omni is able to detect and record up to five seconds prior, and 10 seconds after should an accident occur.

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Sharp footage is not the only bragging right of the Dash Cam Omni. It's also equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), a suite of active safety features that are only equipped in more modern cars. 

In other words, if you own an older car without ADAS, the Dash Cam Omni provides a more cost-efficient way of bringing your car up to speed in terms of active safety.

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The Dash Cam Omni is powered by AI, and the ADAS suite includes front car alert, lane departure warning, and pedestrian alert.

Whenever any of these functions are engaged, the driver is notified via an audio alert and graphics shown on the dash cam's 1.2-inch screen.

Round-the-Clock Protection

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There's also an optional hardwire kit to complement the Dash Cam Omni, which provides power to the camera and allows it to function round-the-clock, complete with time-lapse recording and parking surveillance. 70mai states that this is thanks to AI motion and collision detection features.

When the car is parked, the AI detection allows the camera to identify and record suspicious individuals approaching the vehicle, for up to a minute. It also lets the camera rotate to the direction of the impact if a collision is detected, and can record continuously for up to 30 seconds.

Cloud-Based Convenience

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With the 4G hardwire kit installed, drivers can also remotely monitor their vehicles anytime via the 70mai app, which allows for total control of the Dash Cam Omni. Features also include recording syncing to the cloud, app alerts if suspicious activities are detected, and GPS to help the drivers locate their vehicles and access their route history.

Added Value for Family Fun

And the Dash Cam Omni is not even done yet. It has voice control, which allows you to control it purely by voice. You can direct it to shoot left or right, take a photo, or even shoot a 15-second vlog. Who said dash cams had to be boring?

Availability and Pricing

The Dash Cam Omni is available in two colours: black and red-white, and comes with three storage options: 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The pricing details are as follows:

Product Name
Retail Price (in SGD) after GST
70mai Dash Cam Omni 
(32 GB)
70mai Dash Cam Omni 
70mai Dash Cam Omni
70mai Hardware Kit Type-C 4G

It is available on the Eraspace official website, the 70mai Official Store on both Lazada and Shopee, and authorised retailers in Singapore.

Photo Credits: Muhammad Mu'tasim ( @mutasimdrives), ACube Creative (@weareacube), & Sean Loo (@auto.driven)

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