4 Ways to Avoid the Traffic Jam to JB During the School Holidays

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

JB Traffic
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Planning a trip to JB during the school holidays? Here are 4 ways to beat the dreaded traffic jam at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints.

Driving to JB during the holiday period can be a headache. With an increase number of vehicles entering the checkpoints, traffic congestion and jams are definitely bound to happen.

However, with some careful planning, you can actually avoid the dreaded jams. Here are our four tips to beat the jam at the Woodlands and Taus checkpoints.

1. Apply for a Malaysian Automated Clearance System Pass (Updated)

Motorist Macs Pass For Singaporeans(Photo Credit: Mothership)

The MACS is a fast track clearance pass that helps Singaporean motorists save time at the checkpoints.

Available for an annual fee of S$35, MACS Pass holders will benefit from faster immigration processing in Malaysia, without needing to have their passport stamped. According to various online sources, the MACS Pass is said to reduce waiting time by 45 minutes to 1.5 hours

To apply for the MACS Pass, simply head to the MACS Application Centre at Orchard Parade Hotel. In order to apply for the pass, your passport must be valid for at least two years before expiry.

To learn more about the MACS Pass, kindly check out the following link.

Updated: 14 June 2018

Applications for the MACS Pass has been suspended by the Immigration Department of Malaysia until further notice. Existing MACS Pass can still use their pass until its expiry. Click to learn more.

2. Enter JB by Train or Bus

Woodlands Checkpoint(Photo Credit: Straits Times)

Did you know that it only takes 6 minutes to travel from Woodlands to JB by train? The best part of it all, tickets are affordably priced at $5 per trip.

With the worry of traffic congestion off your mind, you’ll get to better enjoy your trip across the Causeway. Just remember to buy your tickets early as seats are limited, and they tend to sell out quickly.

For those of you who still prefer wheels, buses are also a great alternative to enter JB. Unlike other vehicles, buses are allowed to travel on designated bus lanes—allowing for faster clearance. Prices range from $2 to $16 depending on your pick-up location and travel itinerary. Check out this guide on The Smart Local to learn more.

3. Avoid Peak-Hour Timings

Tuas Checkpoint(Photo Credit: LTA)

For those of you who prefer to drive your own car, it’s highly advisable to avoid peak-hour timings when crossing customs.

For those unaware, peak-hour timings are as follows: 5am to 10am, and 3pm to 11pm. To reward Singaporeans for travelling during off-peak hours, LTA has also revised the toll charges at the Second Link.

Last but not least, travelling to JB on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays can take up to 3 hours by car, so you might want to travel on a weekday instead.

4. Download the Motorist App to Monitor Traffic Conditions at the Checkpoints

Motorist App Screenshot

The best way to beat the jam is to anticipate it beforehand. One way to do so is with the new Motorist app.

With in-built live traffic feeds, you’ll be able to monitor traffic and road conditions at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints before embarking on your trip.

Besides helping you anticipate traffic conditions, the Motorist app also helps you detect accidents, vehicle breakdowns, fuel checks, and other diversions on the roads.

Supported by our community of drivers, the Motorist app operates on a crowdsource model. This essentially means drivers are helping one another to identify and avoid these traffic incidents.

The Motorist App is now live on iOS and Google app stores. Click the link below to download.

Download the Motorist App

The easiest and smartest way to manage your vehicle in Singapore.

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Do you have any other tips to avoid traffic jams at the checkpoints? Share them with us below.

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