The MG5 EV SW Makes Family Road Trips Practical and Comfortable!

Published by on . Updated on 6 Jan 2023

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How does a carmaker go about winning the hearts and minds of the ultra-pragmatic car buyer?

For MG, their strategy is pretty clear-cut: identify the pain points of current offerings, present solutions that would-be buyers can truly resonate with, and wrap them up in an enticing yet cost-effective package. What do you get when all is said and done? Why, the MG5 EV, of course!

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MG's designers have made a conscious effort to keep the MG5's looks as inoffensive as possible and still retain a sprinkling of premium touches, which should be commended. You get swooping curves across the side profile, intricate LED lighting elements at the back, and fair spacious dimensions inside out.

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It's the same story inside, where you are cocooned in premium-looking materials that are also sensibly arranged. For traditionalists, you'll even be happy with the physical button-and-dial controls for the HVAC system. 

Up to five passengers are able to sit in relative comfort, with plenty of headroom to spare and a flat flooring for the second-row seats.

And since this is a station wagon, you get 495 litres of boot space. Perfect for your weekend road trips, then!

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Once the car is turned on, all 154 electric horses and 260 Nm of torque are at your immediate disposal. These figures are more than sufficient for Singapore roads, and more often than not, you'd probably want to drive around town at sensible speeds with your family in tow.

The MG5 supports both AC and DC charging, the latter of which can take up 50 kW. Its port is located on the nose, cleverly hidden on the front grille.

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As far as build quality and driving impressions go, this is definitely a quality product that leaves little wonder as to why it's just so popular on our roads! The MG5 has certainly hit a home run with this attractive combination of sensible packaging, decent power, and elegant styling, and deserves your attention.

MG MG5 EV SW Specifications
Price: $73,888 (w/o COE)
 VES Band: A1
Permanent Magnet
Synchronous Motor
Charging Rate:
50 kW (DC), 7 kW (AC)
161 bhp, 260 Nm
Driven Wheels:
5.4 km/kWh
8.8 s
Top Speed:
185 km/h
Battery Capacity:
50.3 kWh
4,544 mm x 1,818 mm x 1,521 mm
  2,665 mm
Cargo Capacity:
495 litres

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