MG HS Exclusive adds Equipment to Already Solid car to Create a Winning Package!

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Of the petrol mid-size SUVs we’ve tested this year, only three SUVs were in our final shortlist. They all made very compelling cases for themselves, but one car truly stood out.

We’ve decided to award this accolade to the MG HS Exclusive. It offers truly unmatched bang-for-your-buck, with equipment levels and overall cabin quality that is far superior to any of its closest competitors.

The vast majority of the surfaces in the cabin have been trimmed in a soft touch leatherette, and makes for a convincingly premium experience that you’d really only find in cars costing quite a bit more. Up front, the sportier seats offer a touch of sophistication that its rivals just do not have. There’s another upside to these chairs - additional support if you are not over generously proportioned, so you’d be comfortable even on longer journeys.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1672667037409 Mg+Hs 2And as space is not of a premium for the MG HS Exclusive, you’d comfortably be able to fit your family of four into this car, with enough boot space to competently lug around all of the miscellaneous items that you may have with you as a family man.

It isn’t the sportiest drive in its class, but MG’s decision to use a DCT means the driving experience is smoother and quieter than its CVT rivals. Power delivery also feels more immediate as a result, as there’s really no beating actual cogs for power transmission.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1672667045016 Mg+Hs 4What also makes a difference in your day-to-day use, is that it has more power than its immediate rivals. 160 bhp may not sound all that impressive today, but getting that power out of a turbocharged 1.5 litre is no mean feat. The added power translates into less overall strain to your power unit, as you’d be using less revs to achieve the same momentum. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy an improved economy and long-term reliability.

The car looks premium too. It has a very stereotypically SUV silhouette, though it has been peppered with thoughtful design cues that helps the car look and feel more expensive than what MG actually wants for the car.

MG HS Exclusive Specifications
Price: $89,888 (without COE)  VES Band: C1
Turbocharged Inline-4
1.5 litres
160 bhp, 250 Nm
7-speed DCT
Driven Wheels:
14.7 km/l
Top Speed:
190 km/h 
Fuel Tank Capacity:
55 litres
4,574 mm x 1,876 mm x 1,664 mm
2,720 mm
Cargo Capacity:
463 litres

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