The Motorist’s Festive Gift Guide for the Petrolhead Under $100

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1671154133302 Giftguide FeaturedChristmas is just around the corner! If you are having trouble finding thoughtful gifts, on a budget, for the petrolheads in your life don’t fret - Motorist has got you covered.

We’ve combed through the merchandise catalogues of the various automotive manufacturers locally, and shortlisted some of the best lifestyle deals from each. These items all have practical daily uses, and are a surefire way to get into the good books of your loved ones!

Show your car-loving family and friends with our list of gift ideas - do note that the list is in no particular order!

4. Audi Foldable Backpack

This backpack is truly versatile - it can be converted into a practical daypack from a mere belt bag. It has a large zip compartment on both the belt bag and the backpack, with a small side zip pocket on the right in the latter configuration. As a backpack, it has a usable main compartment, and carrying capacity for two standard drinking bottles, perfect for carrying everything you’ll possibly need for your daily activities.3152200100 Foldablebackpack 1 700x700There are tone-in-tone Audi rings on the straps and on the zip pullers, reflective print Audi rings on the backpack and on the top of the belt bag to remind you that this is no mere bag, but one that has been designed and approved by the same folks that are building some of the best cars on the roads today. You can buy the backpack for just $41.84, a true bargain for the quality that you’re getting!

3. MINI USB Key (32 GB)

Granted, this isn’t the cheapest USB flash drive. They’ve become so affordable in recent years, so the $67.29 MINI wants for their thumb drive does sound a bit steep. Sure, functionally speaking, a mass-market USB storage device will do the job just fine. But what they lack, is the MINI experience that you’ll only be able to get from a genuine MINI product.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1671154100822 MinikeyThis flash drive has a plastic enclosure with a rubberised finish, a detachable cap for additional durability and even the option of attaching a keyring so it is easier to bring along with you. There’s also a debossed MINI Wing Logo, and it can also double up as a keychain should you so wish. MINI also offers a two year warranty for all MINI Lifestyle Collection merchandise items!

2. Volkswagen GTI Sunglasses

What better way to show off your petrolhead credentials than by donning a pair of Volkswagen GTI Sunglasses? Functional and well suited for everyday life, Volkswagen promises that their GTI Collection Sunglasses will keep the sun out of your eyes and “ensure a smooth journey no matter the sunny weather”.Vw 5 Hv087900 Sunglassesblack Gtidesign Gticollection2021 1 GrandeIt will cost you only $20.14, and is made out of black plastic frame, with soft-touch surface and black lenses. The right frame side also has a cool easter egg of sorts, with a shout out to the very coordinates of the location where the body and engine are put together. GTI lettering can be found on left frame side and right lens.

1. PUMA x Porsche Design Black Speedcat Mesh Men's Shoes

This has been designed for the drive-loving, 911-enthusiast. The shoe’s construction allows for optimum feedback through the pedals on your daily commutes, whilst also being comfortable enough to be used as a casual daily sneaker, even if your occupation requires you to cover large distances on foot.4046901894993 1024x1024@2xPorsche Design stylists have worked with PUMA to redesign the classic PUMA driver silhouette for summer. Constructed out of premium mesh and leather, the shoe looks thoroughly modern. It is genuinely functional too, with the curved, flat sole making it easier to get a grip on the pedal, laser-engraved design elements and perforated ventilation zones will also add energy to your step on the pavement. There’s a steep discount on this item now, with it going for just $75, down from the original asking price of $340!

Show You Care, Without Breaking the Bank

Our list contains items that you’d be using on a daily basis. Want a subtle way to remind the car-loving folks in your life that you genuinely care about and understand what they want? Select any of the items in this list for them as a christmas gift - we’re sure they’d have no complaints!Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1671154381633 P90474910 Low Res Mini Lifestyle ColleWe wish you a Merry Christmas in advance, and we’ll have a follow-up guide for those with slightly more budget. Enjoy the upcoming festivities, and have a good 2023 ahead!

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