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With the first 2022 FIFA World Cup match happening at 12am on Monday, 21 November, this is our list on where you can catch the matches without paying for an expensive subscription!

For today's mGuide, it's about the 2022 World Cup! With the first match just three days away, you can bet that even we are getting excited at the thought of cheering on our favourite team in hopes of them picking up that coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy. 

While everyone knows of a bar, pub or restaurant where they can sit down to watch the matches after ordering some food and/or drink, what about places that screen the matches for free? Here are five suggestions from us!

Changi Airport Terminal 3

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If you didn't already know, Changi Airport has a screening area at Terminal 3 basement 2 call ST3PS. Usually, movies are screened there for anyone passing through to watch. This event space will be screening World Cup matches for free starting from 12am on Monday, 21 November! 

Changi Airport has uploaded the screening schedule here, and will update the list accordingly. And yes, they will be showing the 3am matches too, should you be inclined to stay up late! For East siders, this is perhaps one of the best places you can catch the World Cup for free. Bring some snacks and drinks for yourself, and soak in the atmosphere from fellow attendees as your cheer on your favourite team!

Address: Terminal 3 Basement 2, 819663  

Operating Hours: 24 Hours

Parking: Monday to Sunday, $0.04/minute daily. 10 minutes grace period

Downtown East

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Happening at the Event Square at the second level of E!Avenue, Downtown East will be screening 25 World Cup matches as part of its "Kick Off World Cup Fever" event! Granted, it will not be the full line-up of matches, but the event is free, so bring along snacks and friends, and enjoy the matches together!

Do take note that most of the matches screened will start at 6pm and 9pm. For the matches starting at 11pm, which means only four matches from the group stages, four out of eight of the round of 16 matches, two out of four of the quarter-final matches, the third place play-off and finals, these are the ones that will screened. This would mean that none of the matches starting at 3am will be screened at Downtown East, so do take that into consideration.

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599 

Operating Hours: Refer to schedule here

Parking: Monday to Thursday, 5am to 5pm, $0.026/minute. 5pm to 12am, $2.40/entry. Friday to Sunday, 5am to 5pm, $0.028/entry. 5pm to 12am, $3.40/entry. 9pm to 5am daily, free parking.

Community Centres around Singapore

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The People's Association has arranged for free screening of the World Cup at various community centres around our island! If you want the real kampung spirit while watching the different national teams duke it out for glory, this could be your best bet. 

The PA has also provided a list of where and when the matches will be screened, and it can be accessed here. Check out what matches are being screened at the community centre that is most convenient for you. Remember to check back to the list for regular updates as it will be updated with new details as the tournament progresses. 

Address: Various community centres and community facilities around Singapore, refer to this list for more details

Operating Hours: Refer to list for more details

Parking: Associated parking charges apply


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1668768492712 Wc2022schedule02 Nov 01

McDonald's used to screen football matches from the English Premier League at their restaurants, if anyone remembers. If you do, that means you're probably getting old. But what doesn't get old is watching the World Cup at McDonald's!

19 McDonald's outlets around Singapore will be screening all 64 World Cup matches for free, and you can refer to this link to get the locations of the outlets. Watching football at McDonald's again does indeed bring back good memories of a simpler time (and also possibly exposing the age of this writer), and we are all for it. After all, nothing like getting worked up over football while munching on some of McDonald's famous fries.

Address: 19 McDonald's outlets around Singapore, locations here

Operating Hours: Depends on outlet's location

Parking: Associated parking rates apply

ActiveSG Sport Centres

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1668768210610 Sports Hub 1800caption Courtesy2 041

Not forgetting the ActiveSG Sport Centres, six locations will be screening World Cup matches for free! They are Singapore Sports Hub, Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Pasir Ris Sport Centre, Woodlands Sport Centre, Hougang Sports Hall and Jurong West Sports Hall. 

Unfortunately, the ActiveSG Sport Centres will only be screening a very limited number of matches, namely six group matches, the semi-finals, and the final match. The bright side is, with the exception of two of the group matches and the finals, the rest of the matches are at 12am or 3am, which is beneficial if you don't mind losing some sleep to catch some football. The match schedule can be seen here.

Address: Singapore Sports Hub, Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Pasir Ris Sport Centre, Woodlands Sport Centre, Hougang Sports Hall and Jurong West Sports Hall

Operating Hours: Refer to match schedule

Parking: Associated parking rates apply

Go out, have fun and cheer on your favourite team! 

With the World Cup only coming around once every four years, it won't hurt to let loose a little. So have at it, make as much noise as you can to support your team, and remember not to drink and drive if you do consume alcohol while watching the World Cup.

And if you are still wondering if there is any other place that you can watch the World Cup for free, you can always try tapping on that friend whom you know paid the asking price for the World Cup subscription on cable television. And perhaps be a nice guest, bring over some snacks or drinks if you are heading to someone's place to watch the World Cup for free. A little snack goes a long way, after all. 

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