mReview: 2022 EV ABS Van - The Green Solution For Your Logistical Problems

Published by on . Updated on 31 Oct 2022
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If you thought that we were done with just one electric van from China, not so fast, because just like DJ Khaled on repeat, here comes "another one".

With a name like the EV ABS Van, is there much, if any clues, to what it is? But before you start scratching your head about what this vehicle is about, why not give it a guess? 

Well, notwithstanding that funky name, this is an honest-to-god cargo van, one that is powered not by fossil fuels, but by electricity. Plus, it is done up with a rather eye-catching wrap too (which we were informed was designed in-house by the dealer's marketing team).

A Quick Recap

If you’ve not heard of Golden Dragon, don't fret. It’s possible that you would have ridden in one of their vehicles and not realised it, given that their products are rather popular with private coach operators. Not to mention they have had official representation in Singapore for a few years already.

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To expand their range, Golden Dragon diversified their offerings, which led to the introduction of electrified commercial vehicles in the form of electric vans and van-based products. 

So What's Different?

Built on the same platform as the EV ABS Fridge, there isn’t a refrigerated compartment in the back, instead there is a cavernous compartment with a best-in-class 6.5 m³ of space. Who needs to pay for IKEA’s delivery service when you can transport your purchases yourself?

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The rear compartment can be accessed on all three sides, with the floor fully lined in wear-resistant vinyl. If you suddenly have the urge to imitate Clint Eastwood and ask, "You've got to ask yourself one question. 'Do I feel lucky?'", you can toss items into the back from the front seats (and hope they land properly), since there is no separating partition between the front and rear.

How Is It Like On The Run?

With a 50.23 kWh battery pack and a single electric motor with 107 bhp, this 1,780 kilogram van can be driven up to a top speed of 80 km/h. Yes, 80 km/h, and no faster. Odd, considering that its fridge equipped sibling was capable of reaching 105 km/h (allegedly).

Like any diesel-powered van, torque is of the essence here, and with 270 Nm of instant electric torque, you can accelerate away from traffic lights with barely any noise and keep up with traffic in a relatively spirited manner. At least to a certain extent, as its limited top speed does put a damper on how much you can push.

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The quoted official range is 190 kilometres, although based on the numbers we got, we could’ve theoretically done 240 kilometres. Then again, this figure would vary based on external factors like traffic, the amount or weight of the load carried, and overall driving style.

When it comes to charging, it has a maximum DC charging rate of 30 kW, with a full recharge taking 2.5 hours, and a max AC charging rate of 7 kW, taking seven hours to fully recharge the battery. So, best plan your route and schedule wisely to avoid getting stranded with no charge.

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And just like its Fridge-equipped sibling, it has the same impressive turning circle of just six metres. To put that into context, the Black Cabs that navigate London’s narrow streets have a minimum turning circle of 7.62 metres.

What About The Inside?

Being a commercial vehicle, the cabin is simple and straight to the point, and everything has a functional purpose. The dashboard and door panels are made of hard plastics, the steering wheel and seats are trimmed in hardy vinyl, while durable rubber mats line the floor.

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With a lack of insulation, wind noise can be a little pronounced in the vehicle, but is still bearable up to 70 km/h. And while there is an aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth connectivity, the speakers are pretty basic and can’t do much to drown out the wind noise. 

Build quality is has its highs-and-lows. Some squeaks and rattles can be heard while driving, and the wiring loom is open for all to see on the underside of the exposed dashboard. But as a utility tool, it works as intended, and there really isn’t much to poke fault at. 

To Conclude

It isn’t perfect, and it can be a little rough around the edges. But when it comes to value, that’s where the EV ABS Van excels, as it is possibly one of the most, if not the most affordable electric van in Singapore.

Yes, the range could be better, and you’ll be spending a lot more time at charging stations. But, instead of spewing the black smoke typically associated with commercial vans, this one has zero emissions, and it’s pretty quiet from the outside too, meaning little to no noise pollution.

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With fewer moving parts, there’s less to go wrong, which should equate to lower maintenance costs. And with the current prices of electricity being much lower than diesel, operating it should be more economical as well. And with its best-in-class cargo capacity, you can transport more goods per trip, making for greater overall efficiency too.

So if you’re seeking vehicle transportation solutions for your business, something that can be driven by Class 3/3A license holders, and doing it in an environmentally friendly manner, the EV ABS Van could just be the green light you are looking for.

EV ABS Van Specifications
Price: $POA  VES Band: A1
80 kW (107 bhp), 270Nm
Driven Wheels:
4.38 km/kWh
Top Speed:
80 km/h
Battery Capacity:
50.23 kWh
5,030 mm x 1,700 mm x 1,980 mm
Cargo Capacity:
6.5 m³

Photo Credit: ACube Creative (@weareacube)

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