6 Things Singaporean Drivers Dread Seeing on the Road

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020
Cars In Jam

(Photo Credit: Business Times)

There are many things you don't want to see while going about your day, but there are six things drivers in Singapore dread seeing on the road.
Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing(Photo Credit: The Straits Times)

Waiting at a zebra crossing during peak hour is like watching paint dry. Masses of people sashaying across the road, totally engulfed into whatever show is on their phone while you tap hard on your steering wheel until they thin out.

You think you're in the clear to go when some guy rushes across the road with his hand up to say sorry, and effectively introduces the next mass of people.

The Big Man

The Man (Photo Credit: TODAY Online)

These guys, the LTA and Traffic Police patrol cars, carry a weird vibe that makes you all tense and scared whenever they're around. When you see them whizzing by or inching closer in your rearview mirror, it's like taking your Traffic Police driving test all over again. Check seat belt, put away handphone, sit up straight, and two hands on the wheel.

Heavy-Duty Lorries and Trucks Carrying Bulky Items

Dangerous Truck(Photo Credit: Imgur)

Seeing these kinds of trucks and lorries will somehow make every driver sweat. Thoughts like “what if something falls off and hits my car”, will often run through their minds. If you see vehicles like these in front of you, it's best to stay clear.


Erp (Photo Credit: TODAY)

Say you leave your house at 7:40am, thinking 20 minutes is enough to reach the ERP gantry after 8am and avoid losing your hard earned money. However, you reach there early at 7:57am instead. You cry a bit on the inside when you hear that dreaded noise.

Beep beep!

LTA Campers and Snipers

Lta Takecover(Photo Credit: All Singapore Stuff)

Their NS Sergeant would be so proud of them. These LTA and TP officers hide in the bushes and behind cover, camera in hand, waiting for you to speed past them.


Jaywalking (Photo Credit: AsiaOne)

These pedestrians want to gamble with their lives, and us drivers, sadly, have to play their dangerous game. If you could leave us out of it, that would be great.

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