Closed Circuit Adrenaline Rush At The National Motorsports Festival

Published by on . Updated on 25 Aug 2022

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The quiet, tranquil morning of JTC's Ayer Rajah complex was shattered by the squealing sounds of burning rubber and boisterous engines.

The sight definitely bewildered locals who were passing by, but for those who were there to attend the festivities, they knew exactly what they were in for.

Welcome everyone to the National Motorsports Festival. 

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Suitable locations for closed-circuit vehicular action is extremely hard to come by in Singapore. Instead of hosting it at the usual "car-centric" go-to spot at Changi Exhibition Centre, the team at Motor Sports Singapore (MSS) hosted this event in JTC Ayer Rajah's carpark.

A smart move I would say, as this enabled fans and spectators alike who do not drive to be able to still attend the event and catch all the action. 

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What action was there you asked? Well, a section of the carpark was cordoned off, and with the help of some very brave traffic cones, a gymkhana-esque autocross circuit was born. 

Drivers from all walks of life were encouraged to participate, regardless of the vehicle they drove. There were Swift Sports, GT86s, Silvias, even a Vivio participated in the frenzy. 

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What's great about the course is that it is not long in length, but rather an intricate blend of corners. The lack of long straights allowed cars that were underpowered to still be able to clock in blistering times, even standing toe to toe with more powerful brutes like the Evolution 8 and R34 GT. 

While you could technically participate in almost anything, one still had to don the proper safety equipment (such as helmets) in order to hoon their vehicles. But, assuming you had all the necessary equipment, anyone could sign up and have a blast.

The MSS committee was also in attendance, and kudos to the team for keeping the event safe and fun for everyone who attended.  

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Aside from the autocross main attraction, the event also featured a classic car segment and car club area. Guests in attendance were able to get up close to these classic vehicles, some of which you don't see often on our roads! 

Overall, this event was a smashing success, and it certainly brought about lots of cheer to automotive enthusiasts. Be it young or old, we all share the same love for cars, and it is refreshing seeing more of such events make a resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic. Bravo to the MSS team for continuously pushing for more motorsports events on our shores, and I can’t wait for the next one.

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