8 Types of Singaporean Drivers You'll Find on Our Roads

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Singaporeans are a diverse bunch of drivers. Some are, inevitably, better than others. Here are 8 types of Singaporean drivers you'll find on our roads.
The Brake-Happy Driver

Braking(Photo Credit: Safirutza)

The brake-happy driver is like a hiccup. You can't anticipate when they will brake, and more often than not, it happens at the worst possible moment.

1. The ‘My Grandfather Owns the Road’ Driver

Grandfather(Photo Credit: Teen Skep Chick)

These drivers act like they own the road that they drive on. In most cases, they ignore other motorists and the rules of the road by taking up several lanes.

2. The Road Rager

Road Rage (Photo Credit: Jalopnik)

Identifiable by their excess use of the horn, these drivers have no qualms with winding their windows down and hurling profanities at fellow motorists. In certain cases, the middle finger is also displayed to show their displeasure at you.

3. The Drunkard

Beer Car(Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars)

Tell-tale signs include failing to keep within the lanes, droopy eyes and the nauseating scent of alcohol. To keep themselves awake behind the wheel, they often blast techno music or Mandarin rock/rap songs.

4. The Groomer

51sf Njq7u Yl (Photo Credit: Amazon)

These “sophisticated” drivers will always have a pair of coins or tweezers at hand, ready to pluck stray hairs from their faces. Other traits include nose and ear digging, in plain sight of other motorists. Ewwww.

5. The Makeup Addict

Makeup (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Life is hard when you got to look fabulous 24/7. Life is made even harder when your makeover causes a pileup on the highway, causing over S$20,000 in damages. Don't make life hard. Go au naturel.

6. The Sebastian Vettel

F1(Photo Credit: F1 Fanatic)

Singapore's roads are small, short and crowded. Your car is fast, big and loud. Whenever you're stuck at a red light, you eagerly anticipate the moment it turns green, letting you slam the acceleration and hit 100km/h in 3-seconds flat. This continues on until you encounter the next red light. This thought process is repeated for the next 10 years.

7. The “I Don't Need to Use the Turn Signal” Driver


Every other driver must be a mind-reader and anticipate my actions on the road. If you don't, too bad, it's your fault.

8. The Road-Savvy Driver

Ambulance coming? Better tailgate to enjoy the empty lane! ERP ends at 8pm and its 7:55pm? Better swerve to the road shoulder and turn on hazard lights! These drivers really are another breed altogether.

What other kinds of drivers do you encounter on Singapore roads? Let us know in the comments below.

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