8 types of Singaporean drivers we don't know whether to laugh or cry at

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(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The Brake-Happy Driver

(Photo Credit: Safirutza)

Hiccups go like this. Hiccup once, and continue thinking life is normal for about 4 seconds until the next abrupt hiccup. Hold your breath and hope for it to finish. Now it's gone! Celebrated too soon and hiccupped again… Now you're angry.

The brake-happy motorist is almost the same, except you can't post a hiccup's car plate number on Facebook and hope the LTA gods get him.

My Grandfather Road

(Photo Credit: Teen Skep Chick)

Owner: Grandfather

Privilege: Take up all 2 out of 2 lanes on the road

Result: $80 summon

The Road Rage Hulk

(Photo Credit: Jalopnik)

HONK HONK HONK HONK HOOOOOOOOOOOONK, winds down the window and shouts "BAK CHIU TAK STAMP AH", hurls more profanities, does a breathtaking display of finger movements, and drives off muttering under his breath.. all because you didn't drive within 1 second after the green light showed. How dare you.

The Drunkard

(Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars)

Tell-tale signs are easing off the lane lines, slanted eyes and pouted lips, with either EDM or mournful blues blasting in the stereo.

Don't drive to drink and you'll never drink and drive.

"Kiap" Beard Hair / Dig Nose / Dig Ear

(Photo Credit: Amazon)

You know, those that always have the handy 20-cent coins on their dashboard to pluck stray hairs, or those that get so annoyed with the "weeeee" sound that your nose makes when you have some boogers clogging it and you breathe.

To be fair, it doesn't matter who's watching when it happens anymore. It's war against the weee.

The Makeup Addict

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Life is hard when you got to be fabulous, but you overslept. Life is harder when your makeover causes a 5-car pileup and $20,000 in repairs. Don't make life hard. Go au naturel.

The Sebastian Vettel

(Photo Credit: F1 Fanatic)

Singapore's roads are small, short and crowded. Your car is big, fast and loud. You're stuck at a red light now.. how? Wait for the green light, slam the acceleration and hit 100km/h! Spectacular! Well, for about 5 seconds until the next red light. Repeat this process for 10 years.

Failed Turn-Signal Class


The Road-Savvy

Ambulance coming? Better tailgate to enjoy empty roads! ERP hours end at 8pm and its 7:55pm? Better swerve to the road shoulder and turn on hazard lights! These ones are another breed altogether.


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