Motul Redefines Power and Performance with New Version of Flagship 300V Motor Oil

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Motul has updated its formulation of its legendary 300V flagship motor oil line to make it the ideal choice for motorists regardless of their driving demands.

Whilst it is capable of tackling the increased thermal demands of spirited, high-performance driving, the 300V is equally suitable for your every-day commuter who just wants a hassle-free experience in driving and car maintenance.

The 300V was introduced 50 years ago, and is based on ESTERCore® technology – an innovation that combines carefully chosen esters with top quality synthetic base oils and chemical additivies. The result is an engine lubricant that guarantees performance, reliability and minimal oil consumption – more than ever before.

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This new formulation further reduces internal friction for better engine performance, resulting in a significant increase in power and torque across the whole powerband. The high shear stability means maximal oil film resistance even in most extreme conditions, and it does so without damaging any of the car’s factory-fitted exhaust gas after-treatment systems (particulate filters).

It is also compatible with biofuels, and helps safeguard against low speed pre-ignition.

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It isn’t only good for your engine, but very ecological too. Its formulation utilises organic base stocks, using non-fossil renewable materials. As a result, Motul is able to lower its carbon footprint by 25% during the manufacturing process.

You can purchase Motul’s 300V in three distinct ranges as follows: 

POWER: The series features the lightest viscosity grades, available from 0W-8 to 5W-30, brings the maximum power and can cope with engines subject to low oil fuel dilution.

COMPETITION: Features Motul’s mid viscosity grades, available from 0W-40 to 15W-50, which brings the best compromise between power and reliability, and can cope with engines subject to mid oil fuel dilution;

LE MANS: The new generation of 300V Le Mans series offers the maximum engine reliability possible and is now available in 10W-60 and 20W-60 viscosities. It is perfect for extreme motorsport applications such as endurance racing and drifting. Adding to the uniqueness of these products is the fact that they are the only engine oils worldwide bearing the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans name. 

So, treat your engine right and visit your nearest Motul Authorised workshops today! [cta_app_download]

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