5 Simple and Quick DIY Tips Before Meeting a Prospective Buyer

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how to win your buyers heart car buying selling(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

It is scientifically proven that the first five seconds of any first sight will be dominant to crafting a good impression. This goes for cars too! It is important that your car stands out to your prospective buyer as he/she views the car.

Some of the ways that you could make your car stand out are by cleaning the exterior, making sure the interior is dirt-free with an aromatic scent and also ensuring that the engine works fine. Here are five quick steps to ensure that you win the buyer's heart and get the best value for your vehicle.

1. Wash the Exterior

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The first impression counts, as you drive closer towards the buyer, a shiny and good-looking car will make the buyer note that your car has been well maintained. To maintain a clean exterior, the first thing you will need is soap water. A microfibre cloth is the best material to be equipped with when washing the exterior of your vehicle. For the windows, use newspaper to wipe in a circular motion to avoid leaving streaks.

But if you're experiencing time constraint, just head down to the nearest car wash to get it cleaned up and even waxed for the glossy look. The average car wash at petrol stations might cost you $7 to $8, waxing excluded. Now, your glossy and bright car will for sure increase the value that the buyer is willing to pay and that means more money for you!

Don't worry if you are not a professional in washing your own car. We have just the thing for you. Click here for a complete guide to DIY car washing!

2. Leather Guard the Interior

car leather interior(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Just as important as the exterior is the interior! To achieve the best results for your seats, try taking a cloth dipped in alcohol and clean your seats in a circular motion. Alternatively, you can also use a soft cloth that is damp to clean the seats before using a hairdryer to dry the seats. However, do ensure that the seats are not wet when you meet the prospective buyer!

Cracked leather, soiled seats are a disturbing sight for any buyer. Thus, ensuring that these two are out of the picture will be a positive factor that will make your prospective buyer have no reason to lower down the value of the car.

3. Eliminate Any Stench in the Car

car air freshener(Photo Credit: Vimeo)

The last thing you want is for the prospective buyer to open the door and have an odour immediately waft into his nose. Air your car by opening all the doors and windows and use an odour remover to clear the smell. Pandan leaves work too!

Do note that it is advisable not to eat, drink and especially smoke in the car a few hours before you meet the buyer, the stench might still be hovering inside your car despite installing odour removers. A stench will be a reason to "turn off" the buyers from being enticed to the car. Having a pleasant and aromatic smell in the car will unconsciously nod their head in delight as they open the door.

4. Vacuum the Interior to Clear Any Trash

car interior(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

A clean interior goes a long way to show that the car was well-maintained. If the car is litter-free and uncluttered, it shows that extra effort has been put in to care for the vehicle. Vacuuming is advisable to clear off any dust or dirt stuck in your car, especially the flooring.

As mention before, your nearest car wash is able to vacuum for you but it comes with a price of course. On average, it will cost you $5. But as they say, a clean car can never go wrong!

Buyers who see a dirty car on the inside will automatically have the thought of insects and bugs roaming the interior, which is obviously not a good thing. Thus having a clean and neat interior will get rid of all those kinds of thoughts or anything similar to it.

5. Go for Servicing

car servicing bonnet up(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Although this step may not seem necessary since you are selling your vehicle, you may just want to take your car to your workshop for a routine check. You would not want the prospective buyer or dealer popping the hood to find everything inside in a bad state or wires that are on their last legs of life.

The buyer will use such factors to try and drive the price of your car down, so don't let him/her have the opportunity! A good condition engine will certainly give you the chance to obtain more value for the car you are selling, compared to a car with a wrecked engine.

If you have done your due diligence to check these five factors off your to-do-list and wish to sell your car, source the best prices for your car here, and get reliable quotations from our network of over 200 used car dealers at the most competitive prices in the market!

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