mReview: Mitsubishi L200 Triton - The Mighty Multipurpose Macho

Published by on . Updated on 12 Jan 2022
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Currently in its sixth generation, the workhorse of Mitsubishi’s commercial lineup, the L200 Triton, receives a fresh facelift and class-leading performance.

Commercial vehicles have always been sort of under the radar in Singapore. They are usually bland in design, and you don’t really take notice when one passes by. 

However, times have changed, and now we start to see more manufacturers putting effort into their designs. One such brand is Mitsubishi, and they promptly delivered this, the L200 Triton. 

Mighty On The Roads

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The L200 is powered by a punchy 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine that pumps out 148bhp and 400Nm of torque. Max torque is available at just 1,750rpm, which is useful if you’re lugging around heavy cargo, or scaling undulating terrain.

Even though this has a lumbering diesel engine, you can barely hear any external noises while behind the wheel. The insulation in this thing is good, which means you can hear three things better while driving - your passengers, the entertainment system, and that annoying beep telling you that you are driving above 70km/h.

The engine is paired to a 6-speed automatic and is the only option available locally. When stationary, the Auto Stop&Go system shuts off the engine periodically to reduce fuel consumption.

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The ride in the L200 is pretty comfortable thanks to an independent wishbone and coil setup at the front, and leaf springs in the rear. It’s actually so comfortable, it is even more comfortable than some new cars on the market now. 

You can even switch from 2WD to 4WD using the drive mode selector dial while driving at up to 100km/h. Not that you’ll be doing that speed anyway, as you’re limited to 70. If you want even more traction when negotiating rough ground, you can also lock the rear differential on the fly.

Not many places in Singapore need these functions honestly, but maybe you can take the L200 across the pond to Malaysia to have some fun in future.

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The cabin is pretty safe too as you get 7 airbags, and in the event of a crash, the front seat belts will tighten automatically to keep you in place. Other safety features include:

  • Active Stability & Traction Control (ASTC)
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • Autolock Braking System (ABS)
  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)

The L200 also has a turning radius of just 5.9 metres. Doesn’t seem like much, but when U-turning this does help a lot considering its size. Parking is also pretty easy thanks to the easy steering and clear reverse camera, so you know exactly what you are backing up into.

So while it does look intimidating when you first step in, the L200 is overall pretty easy to drive.

Multipurpose For Its Occupants

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One of the best features about a double cab lorry is you get back seats. 3 adults can easily fit back here, and the legroom and headroom are very generous. 

It is definitely comfortable, but you don't get much else aside from a centre armrest and some cupholders. But hey, we would rather sit here and enjoy the aircon, than behind in the sweltering heat.

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The front seats are really soft and comfortable and made of fabric. The steering wheel and shift knob are both wrapped in leather, and they feel premium.

The L200 is pretty nice all things considered. If you opened your eyes and all you could see was this interior, you just might pass it off as a car.

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No fancy digital gauges or buttons in this thing, and everything is pretty much analogue. You do get dual-zone air-con though, which is a peculiar but welcome addition.

You get a single USB port, and two 12V outlets for charging, with one located inside the centre glove box. It is a little troublesome to reach but can be useful if you want to store and charge devices.

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The L200 comes with a touchscreen entertainment console but no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, meaning you’ll still need your phone if you want to refer to any GPS applications. Even so, the system does have Bluetooth and hands-free features, which can be controlled from the console as well as function buttons on the steering wheel.

Macho Looks Complete The Package

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The front fascia follows the same design language as the current Mitsubishi lineup, looking similar to models like the Outlander and Eclipse Cross.

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The L200 is also pretty tall, giving it the ground clearance to clear uneven terrain. This also gives you a very commanding driving position, which is immediately apparent when driving. Some other vehicles are so short in comparison, their drivers can only catch a glimpse of the L200’s doors.

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What they can catch a glimpse of though are the 18-inch rims. The rims are not that important, what’s more, important is you also get front ventilated disc brakes, only equipped on models with the larger 18-inch rims. 

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Being a double cab lorry, the L200 can ferry both passengers and cargo with ease. The lorry bed at the back measures roughly 1.5m by 1.47m, providing lots of room for heavy cargo. Plus, the rear corners that align with the tailgate are reinforced to prevent damage if your cargo were to slide around while driving.

Major plus points overall… except the price

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Overall, the L200 is quite a compelling package. It looks stylish, but it doesn’t lose any of that rugged functionality that commercial vehicles are built for. 

However, costing S$157,988 at the time of this article, this lorry may not be an easy pill to swallow.

Perhaps, for the niche group of people who need the cabin space of a car and still have the ability to carry heavy cargo around daily, this lorry can definitely take up the challenge. 

For more information about the Mitsubishi L200, visit Cycle & Carriage today!




Engine: 2,268cc 4-cylinder Turbocharged Intercooled MIVEC

Power: 148 bhp

Torque: 400 Nm (1,750 rpm -  2,250 rpm)

Fuel Type: Diesel (Euro VI)

Fuel Consumption: 12.8 km/l

Top Speed: 171 km/h

Drivetrain: 6-Speed Automatic, Selectable All-Wheel Drive

Brakes: Ventilated Disc (Front), Drum (Rear) 

Wheelbase: 3,000 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 5,225 mm x 1,815 mm x 1,780 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 75 litres


Chrome Trimmings

Dual Air-Con Zones

Leather-wrapped Shifter Knob & Steering Wheel

Side Steps

Tilt & Telescopic Steering

Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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