Car-Spotting in Singapore: 7 Places to Find Rare and Exotic Cars

Published by on . Updated on 3 Dec 2021
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If you’re getting into cars as a hobby, car-spotting would be one of the gateways to it. Here are 7 places to find rare and exotic cars in Singapore.

Even though Singapore is a country with one of the highest numbers of supercars per capita, finding supercars or exotic cars on the streets can be fairly difficult.

Thankfully, there are several well-known locations in Singapore where owners of such cars tend to visit quite frequently.

Get your cameras ready, because here are 7 locations in Singapore where you are likely to find rare and exotic cars.

Millenia Walk 

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Millenia Walk has always been one of the magnum opuses for car spotters as many rare supercars and Japanese classics gather here daily. 

Visiting on a Friday night or on weekends, especially during dinner time is a whole new experience. Cars like the incredibly rare Koenigsegg Agera Genesis frequents the area quite often and Supercars of Singapore (SOS) occasionally make their rounds here too. 

Combining prominent car enthusiasts and owners with dozens of car spotters in the same place make for a great atmosphere. It is also a good opportunity for you to make connections with fellow like-minded individuals. 

If you’re lucky, some owners even stop in the middle of the entryway for you to take more beautiful photos. 

The place is also very accessible, Millenia Walk is located right outside Promenade MRT Exit A. 

Leng Kee Car Belt

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The Leng Kee car belt offers a glimpse into the world of bespoke cars. After all, it is the location of six authorised dealers that sell supercars. There are also several parallel importers and workshops along the stretch that sells and fixes supercars and JDMs as well.

If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the Bugatti Chiron, McLaren Senna LM and the Pagani Huarya BC. The Ferrari LaFerrari, one of 499 in the world, was at the Ferrari showroom not long ago.

Needless to say, you may see car spotters lining the road kerbs waiting for these bespoke cars to rev their engines and let loose on the streets. 

If you wish to get up close, we highly recommend going inside the showroom and asking for permission to snap a few shots. In most cases, permission will be given, however, never touch the cars!

If you fancy car spotting here, the Leng Kee car belt spans from Queenstown all the way to the Redhill. Simply alight at either of these two stations and follow the road. 

Dempsey Hill

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With many high-end restaurants and expensive condominiums nearby, it comes as no surprise that many exotic cars flock to the area.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Dempsey Hill was THE place for car meets. The car parks would be filled with rare cars like the Lamborghini Diablo GT or even the occasional Toyota AE86.

Car parks are mostly empty now but if you visit during peak hours or dinner time, you might be able to catch some of the aforementioned cars when the owners stop by for a meal or coffee. Car owners still flock to Dempsey hill for a photoshoot. After all, it is a very photogenic place. 

Dempsey Hill is a little off the grid with no direct MRT stations nearby. You would have to alight at either Farrer Road or Commonwealth MRT and take a bus. A 10-minute walk up the hill will lead you to the car park. 

Sin Ming Autocity

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If you’re into older classic and JDM cars, this is the place for you. Sin Ming is the go-to place for modifications, detailing and repairs.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34,1965 Ford Mustang, Ferrari Testarossa, you name it, Sin Ming Autocity has probably seen it. Engine rebuilds and modifications for these types of cars are mostly done here after all.

However, Sin Ming is also notorious for incidents involving workshop owners and car spotters. If you plan on going to Sin Ming, ask permission from the workshop owner before snapping a shot of a rare car. You don’t want to breach the workshop’s or the owner’s privacy.

Like Dempsey Hill, Sin Ming has no direct MRT station. You would need to alight at either Marymount  MRT or Thompson MRT and travel by bus. 

Car Shows 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638351984585 Top 7 Car Spotting Places In Singapore(Photo Credits: @transportspotter_veloce)

Dedicated car shows and events such as the recent Rollin’ Feast Times at Expo encapsulate what it means to be a car enthusiast in Singapore. Owners bring out their rare cars for a little show and tell and car spotters gather to mingle with them. 

Although each event is different, they generally pan out the same way. Prominent owners of one-of-a-kind cars are invited to attend the event to display their cars. 

If you're lucky, the owner might pop open the bonnet to show off the engine, or even invite you to sit inside the car. 

The occurrence of events are few and far between now, but joining a prominent Facebook or WhatsApp group for car spotters can keep you in the know for events like these.

Some Tips And Tricks

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From meeting like-minded individuals to seeing a one-of-a-kind car, the feeling of car spotting can be rewarding. But it can instantly turn into a nightmare should you not follow car-spotting etiquettes. 

Touching the car or sitting on it is a huge no-no in the car-spotting community unless the owner allows it. This can dent expensive parts of their car or grease their paint job, which no owner would want. 

If the owner is nearby, ask him for permission before taking photographs. And if he’s not, make sure you censor the number plates when posting it to social media.

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