Driver's Paradise: Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Farmers market kranji countryside

Looking for a fun outing over the weekend? In a small country like Singapore, it can be hard to find new places to rest and recharge.

Luckily, we've got just the thing for you. This week, we're featuring the Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market, a rare and refreshing peek into the rural way of life!

Every quarter since 2014, some of the farms in Kranji Countryside, as well as some urban farms from outside the region, come together to participate in the Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market. This event is one of few authentic farmers' markets you can find in Singapore, and it features a glorious selection of fresh produce from all the participating farms! Don't miss this chance to immerse in the genuine farm-style atmosphere—you'll really feel miles away from everyday city life. Here's what you can do at this Driver's Paradise!

1. For Children

Have a go at unusual outdoor activities!

Farmers market kranji countryside archery

Today's children spend a lot of time indoors and on their computers and phones, so trying out some outdoor activities could be really enriching for them. The Farmers' Market includes a few activity areas, such as an archery range where your kids can have a go at handling an actual bow and arrow (under the supervision of trained professionals, of course). If you want, you can also join in the fun and enjoy some unconventional bonding time learning to shoot at targets together—that'll definitely be a family outing to remember!

Relax and have fun in the countryside spaces!

Farmers market kranji countryside porch garden swing

The Farmers' Market will also have some relaxing open spaces, for visitors to experience that countryside feel. Let your little ones run around and stretch their legs in the wide grassy areas, while you take in the sweet fresh air and unwind. And when they're tired, you can catch a spot on these charming old-fashioned garden swings, and just chill out in the breeze. It's a nice place to rest and chat, and also a beautiful setting if you want to get some cute photographs with your child!

2. For Adults

Shop for premium, fresh produce!

Farmers market kranji countryside kulharra sea bass store

Farmers market kranji countryside vegetable stall

Supermarkets and wet markets can't compare to one of Singapore's farmers' market! Shop around for high-quality produce directly from the farms, and get your hands on the finest and freshest. This farmers' market is very popular, and the produce often sells out quite quickly, so if you're looking to get a real haul, make sure to be there early. There will be a wide range of foodstuffs available, consisting of not only fruits and vegetables, but spices and meat products as well. Get ready for a market experience you've never had before!

Try authentic farm food!

Farmers market kranji countryside frog stall

The Farmers' Market will be bustling with lots of stalls and vendors selling delicious, fresh-from-the-farm treats that you won't find anywhere else. There's a wide range of choices available, from traditional handmade snacks to fried frog meat. These exotic tastes are sure to delight your inner gourmet, and fulfil all your adventurous food dreams! As Singaporeans, we all love to eat and try out interesting new foods, and this market is the perfect place to do it.

Learn more about Singapore's agricultural scene!

Farmers market kranji countryside agricultural stalls

For those of us interested in local agriculture, there's no better exposure you can get than this Farmers' Market. There's a huge variety of farm owners and workers you can talk to as you shop around and visit stalls—many of them will be pleased to talk to you about their farms and their experiences as farmers. Agriculture is an often-ignored but very vital part of Singapore's culture, and it's good to learn more. You might find out some very interesting things about farming in our modern times, and about the food products we buy on an everyday basis.

3. Why Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market?

A farmers' market is a vibrant and unique kind of setting where you can really feel connected to a different way of life. The rural scene is one that is very different from the city atmosphere we live in, and it could be extremely refreshing to immerse in this field for a day and break away from our normal everyday experience. A special event like this where farmers come together to celebrate what they do and showcase it to the public is a rare and rich learning opportunity. Plus, there's always the benefit of picking up some of the best and freshest produce in Singapore! Remember, it happens quarterly, so if you didn't know about it before, keep an eye out for the next time it's organised!

4. Where Is It?

Gardenasia(Screenshot: Google Maps)

Address: 240 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718898

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