Motorist Car Group: Receive Funding to Grow Your Very Own Car Group

Published by on . Updated on 15 Feb 2024
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Want to create your own car club, but lack the funding to do so? With Motorist’s new Car Group Chat feature, you’ll have a platform to promote your new car club AND be incentivised to do so too!

Gather like-minded owners with the same make and model of your vehicle, and grow your own car club! Be the leader of your club (dubbed the Car Group King), and receive up to $5,000 in funding for club-related activities.

These funds can be used to help grow the group or to organise cohesion activities. An approval form has to be submitted to Motorist in order to use these funds. Once approved, Motorist will reimburse the amount back to the King and Admins.

The funding that your Car Group will receive will be as follows:

Motorist Car Group Chat Milestone Incentives
Achieve 500 members
Eligible for $500 funding
Achieve 1,000 members
Eligible for $1,500 funding
Achieve 3,000 members
Eligible for $3,000 funding
Achieve 5,000 members
Eligible for $5,000 funding
Sounds Tempting - How Do You Become A Car Group King or a Car Group Admin?

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Simple - be the top of your Car Group’s leaderboard by the deadline to be a Car Group King. The Car Group Admin positions will be filled by the top two to five members on the leaderboard.

In order to climb the leaderboard, simply invite your friends to your Car Group or earn tipping tokens by being an active member within the Car Group. Group members may tip you with tipping tokens when you reply to their questions. Each tipping token is equivalent to one point, whereas each successful invite is worth 500 points!

Do note that unethical tipping of coins or other related fraudulent activities, leading to the increase in coins to climb the leaderboard, would be deemed invalid and deducted.

Do note that the Car Group King must own the vehicle of the car group he is in. This rule is exempted for the Admin positions.

To find out more information about our new Car Group Chat feature or the King and Admin positions, please drop Mel a message on the Motorist App.

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