It was an urgent for me to have to scrap my car the next day as my car was parked at IDAC Kali Bukit because of an accident. Joanna handled my case very promptly and within a few hours I had a buyer to scrap the car. I'm truly glad for the efficient service. Well done and thank you very much!

The buying representative was very friendly, professional and flexible. Quick and hassle free. Ill definitely recommend to my friends.

Jasmine is very attentive to my request. I will strongly recommend her services to my family members and friends.

A truly efficient and friendly person with good service attitude. Does follow up and give advises. Thumbs up!!!

The dealer was very professional and he did not resort to criticizing the condition of my car (which most of the other dealers did to bring down the price) He explained nicely and make me feel at ease to work with him. Well done.

Great experience selling my car through the staff are professional and provided a fast and convenient service for sellers!!! The price quoted was reasonable and competitive! Will definitely recommend this to friends!! Thanks!!

Xin Yi does provide professional advice to myself and the seller. Good job, reliable. Will recommend friends and family in future.

Tremendously satisfied of the service provided by and the staff. The dealer was very helpful, friendly, generous and patient throughout the entire service experience that we have had. His explanation on the export and de-registration services was succinct and clear, and his replies are always prompt and insightful. The prices offered for export by the dealer were also competitive and satisfactory, and he assisted us by answering our queries and arranging the final administrative sessions to our convenience. Thankful for the dealer and his partner!

Thanks to Huimin, the transaction go through smoothly. Huimin provides excellent service and support

Thks consultant huimin for the patient shown throughout the transaction process. The 2nd dealer agreed to seal the quoted price within 3 mins for my chevrolet aveo. Definately worth the try.

This dealer did a very good job by providing fast and efficient scrap services with cash payment. Keep it up!

Jasmine is fast and reliable. Within less than a week, I managed to sell off my car without hassle. Highly recommended.

Thanks Elaine for the friendly and efficient service! Selling my car on was hassle-free.

I am happy to the good service that you are provided. I will be recommended you to my friends in the future. Thank you.

Fab service, wonderful follow thru; highest value for scrap & pick up of car from my place at no additional cost. Definitely worth recommending.

Sincerely thanks jasmine for helping me to secure my toyota harrier at good price will recomend everyone to find them...

Hi, I want to thank Fai, for her great help and close follow up to renew my car coe with shortest time, I would definitely recommend Motorist to my friends for the excellent service provided !

My VW was given a price via and I’m happy with it. My car was deal at hassle free. The agent will collect from my doorstep. Good service for Joanna and recommended to all out there

sold my car within 2 days prior to expiry date in 3 days time. good service and follow-up from MotoristSG staff, Jasmine. on-site car review, collection and received payment from Buyer direct and instantly. except he will talk down your car to a lower quote from initial bid. but overall still a fast, good and hassle-free experience. will recommend to friends.

Highly recommended to friends or others. Will continue to support motorist for their good services. Hassle free and convenient to use their service