I used the services of Motorist.sg to sell my 10 year old car, and was very satisfied with their fast response and service

Good services n high value , high recommend for scrap car fast response n good best price. Easy for compare in one website to all agent

really very good service. i can recommend to my friends.the staff also speak nicely.very good experience. motorist.sg wishing you in all success

Learn about motorist.sg. I just gave my i/c no and my car no in just one day got to noe of the value and also the buyer. Good price and convenient.

Thank you, motorist.sg for your help to get competitive quotes for my car insurance! The benefits include NCD protection. With great appreciation.

I'm very impressed and satisfied with the service provided by Ms Hui Min, she had showed professionalism and patience while handling my case and her follow up was tip top. I'm happy to be served by her and would recommend others to use her service. Well done Hui Min and keep up the good work.

good service, fast and efficient. sales person was helpful and knowledgeable , highly recommended to family and friends

I initially found Motorist.SG via Google, though I had briefly heard about them on the radio a while back. Elaine got in touch with me on 1 February 2017 and although I usually missed her calls, she somehow managed to keep me in mind despite the months that had passed. This is evident as just a week before my car was due to be scrapped and I had resigned to it, Elaine contacted me out of the blue to check in if I was still interested in selling my car. 2 days later, I agreed to sell the car to a second-hand dealer at a slightly marginal higher rate than what I would have received when I scrap the car, which I would have done DIY. So thank you, Elaine, for your perseverance. I appreciate your professionalism and courtesy, especially when it can be exasperating to get hold of me during office hours.

Dealing with motorist.sg is really hassle free and manage to get a reasonable quote within a short time.

The call back was efficient. And guidance to the whole procedure is clear. No pressure was given throughout the transaction.

Very glad and satisfied with Teresa service. Very prompt and good follow up as well. Thank you Teresa for the hassle free transactions.

The service is very useful! The help received helped me to find the best deals and make a decision for selling my car. Highly recommended !

I very satisfied with motorist.sg because I manage to find the buyer recommended by motorist.sg at a higher price and is fast and efficient

Thanks to Jasmine for following up quickly on my inquiry, and for arranging meet-up on short notice. Managed to get good value for our car too!

It has been a very smooth process. No hassle and response from motorist was very prompt. Love their service and special thanks to joanna.

The service rendered was good. Elaine is responsible and helpful for the whole process. Buyer is good too. Thanks

Quick respond within 2 working days. Good access upon viewing my car and with professional advices . Prices that may not be higher than quoted as expected, but I was willing to let go at a comfortable offer. Was also appreciated with his offer to loan a car without charges for 5 days till I collected my new car. Lastly to say that the whole process took only 2 days to settle with no inconvenience causes.

I am plesantly surprised by level of service provided! Was very satisfied with the whole process! The transparency and attentiveness was amazing! Thanks Elaine@Motorist.sg!

I have a hassle free experience selling my nearly 10 years old car. I will definitely recommend this service to friends.

The first dealer quoted $6700 for lancer but upon inspecting the car, reduced to $6300. Hence, we decided to scrap the car ourselves. However, Ms Jasmine from Motorists.sg followed up 2 weeks before the car is scraped and introduced a more reliable dealer. Dealer quoted $6700 and didn't reduce the price after inspecting car. The transaction was fuss free and fast. Thumbs up to Jasmine and the dealer.