Joanna is helpful and help me through the process. She answer all my questions and following up closely. Car viewing is arrange immediate. The car dealer is also nice and helpful. Thanks!

I Googled and discovered and decided to fill up the enquiry on renewal of COE. Their officer, Janelle was very prompt in her replies. I didn't feel being forced to accept anything. Every questions were well answered and the decision was mine to make without rushing me. I just renewed in the end via Janelle. Well done!

Great follow up and prompt response by Nicole !! The process was easy and user friendly as well Thumb upI

Elaine has been very prompt and helpful throughout the time when I was looking to sell my car, which I eventually did. As this was the first time I’m using the app, Elaine’s positive attitude assured me that the transaction will be a smooth one. Highly recommended!

Smooth transaction. Fast and prompt respond. Reasonable price will be offered. Motorist will settled everything for you. Thumbs up!

Lionel is helpful when it comes to helping me to secure in buying a car. I do not have much knowledge about the procedures however he was patient and helps me through it. Great job and strongly recommended!

Fast and approachable. Thanks for the good deal. She has gone extra miles for service and attend to my enquires

Very polite and courteous Buyer and the site manage to get the buyer with good deal very fast. Will recommend to my friends who wish to sell their car.

This is the good platform to sell my car. I would like to thanks huimin for the good follow up. Thanks!

Fast and easy with a good price! Very thankful and was delighted with the quick respond. Will recommend to others.

5 Star service. Very efficient and honest buyer. Huimin and her partner ensure my car is scrap or export at a very good price. Thanks for the excellent service and great follow up

It was a smooth transaction and Nicole was very attentive and responsive. The process was fast. Thumbs up!

The process was fast and hassle free. Friendly and prompt customer service too!

Fast and Reliable Service by Elaine. Arrangement of viewing was easy. Sold my vehicle in less than 2 weeks.

It was very convenient for me since I do not need to fill in all the forms and go to different places myself. It was very hassle free and moreover I could sell the car for more than I expected.

It had been a great experience with which had secured a good price for my car. I specially want to thank Humin who attended me follow up with the dealer for the appointment date and time to ensure the deal is done sucessfully.

It's been a wonderful ride with motorist. sg for selling my car. Particularly, I would like to specially mention Huimin who has been such a great help to arrange for the whole process. She's so willing to answer all of your queries. She is definitely a great asset to the team. Great job!

Very Good service from Mr Eugene Yeo, staff of, he had been a great help as, I was busy with my new flat and was struggling with appointment with contractor and interior designers, while had deal with Eugene as he require some documents from me, in which I’m not well prepared. Mr Eugene had show me with great patience and empathy in what I had to deal with, and times again I had delay him with some documents. But again he Mr Eugene had done me a great service and had assured me everything is in proper and going through every step to get my COE extended. Once again! Thank you Eugene! Well done!

Quick and easy to process, I sold off the car in less than 3 days! The staff was friendly and attentive to any questions I had as well.

I had the pleasure of working with Janelle with my COE renewal. She was fast and responsive and guided me through the processes. And for someone pretty new to the role she was knowledgeable, handled herself well and professionally and made this COE renewal process relatively easy. A very big thank you for your help Janelle!