Swift and prompt response from dealer!

I chanced upon motorist.sg while searching for a place to scrap my car which was reaching the 10 year COE mark, and then proceeded to fill in the forms. I also submitted photos of the vehicle, and a very friendly and professional representative by the name of Derrick called me for confirmation and I explained the bumps on the car to him. A few days later, he informed me that a dealer can pick it up for 150 above rebate, but there's a fee of 100 dollars. Initially I refused, because it's only 50 above at the end of the day. He called me back later and suggested that he can reduce the fee to 50. But I have to scrap it the next day. So I agreed., I went to scrap it at the dealers place at turf club, and the dealer pointed at this and that, and found fault with the car, and then said that he cannot do 5500. He can do 5300 and settle my fee. So I explained to the dealer that I've already informed motorist.sg about all the defects, so it isn't new information. We went back and forth bargaining so I decided to scrap it somewhere else. Then he offered me 5400 and paid with your fee. Which left me back at square one, except I ended up scrapping it a few days before expiry. Except for the dealer experience. Everything else was awesome.

The team at motorist.sg is professional and highly responsive. Hassle free with good follow-ups from start to finish

Prompt reply and quick action by motorist.sg through personalised phone call and text message by their executive to get an appointment by the car dealer.Thank You motorist.sg

Extremely satisfied with the services rendered! Fast,efficient and hassle free..would definitely recommend this to my friends

Very quick in response and the customer service personnel is very friendly and helpful. I compared the offer received from motorist with other website offering similar service, and the offer from motorist still come up tops. Dealer was also very professional in his dealing. Overall a satisfying and hassle free experience.

Great and easy way to sell. Saves a lot o hassle and headache. The service is very efficient and friendly too!

Motorist.sg is very efficient n overall is a hassle free transactions thank you very much

Very pleased with the swift responses as well as the quotes received. Sold the car within 72 hours at a price better than what was offered elsewhere. Great service overall.

Pleased with how fast everything was resolved. Sold my car in less than 72 hours on my expected price point.

It really easy and eliminates the search. Transaction was informative and flawlessly smooth. Totally worry free and no hassle. Any doubts i had was completely cleared and everything was at ease. Great service.

Very efficient in getting highest quote possible for my car. I have asked around and motorist.sg gave me highest quote in the shortest time.

A very good hassle free and fast service for a frst time car owner thank u very mich

Extremely fast service and reliable! :) Totoally hassle free! I'm very satisfied with their service(s)!

The experience was excellent and I am entirely satisfied by the whole process ,I sold my kia koup with just one viewing. Great job Motorist.sg and i am already talking to my car friends about your service. Will come back to you guys…

Fast response, good price and smooth transaction.