Fast and good service. Motorist sg provides competitive price for my car that is more attractive than trading it in.

Big thank you to for opening up more options for my sale of my old used car. Managed to deal with a higher price than most of the other offers. Huimin was very helpful and rendered a very patience and diligently service in brokering the sales. Thank you very much.

Very fast and helpful. Very quick in setting up an appointment and immediate response when I said i could not make it on time and request to postpone the appointment time. Thank you!

Applied for COE loan. Mingxia was the staff in attendance. She was very helpful and responsive throughout the whole experience. Very resourceful indeed.

Mel, was very efficient and very helpful. I am satisfy with her work.I recommend to anyone to look for mel to sell your cars.

Huimin was professional, patient and responsive on my enquires. Quotation came in within 2 days and I got a good price for my car. Transcation for the whole process was easy. Thank you once again.

A hassle free transaction that is fast and pleasant! Dealer even came to collect my car! Appreciate that!

Huimin is courteous and able to follow through on my request to source for next higher bid. Excellent job!

I got a reasonable offer for my coe car. It really makes the process of selling seamless. Thumbs up Bryson

Requested for cash transaction to scrap my vehicle. Dealer came with a laptop n settled the vehicle transfer within 10mins and handed me the 28k cash.

I am quite satisfied with's professional way of selling my car. First, it gave me fast feedback on the bidding price of the car. Second, it held the highest offer for 7-10 days, which allowed me to source for other offers. Third, Jasmine is very helpful and acted on my queries promptly. Will recommend to my friend to use Thank you.

Good experience with Received fast response and good follow up with Elaine. She understood that 1 dealer has offered me a price below the bidded quote and she has offered another dealer for me to try. The 2nd dealer overall experience came much better and I managed to close the deal successfully. Thanks to Elaine for a job well done.

Very fast and precise. Very helpful person. Have good initiative and provides all necessary information how to sell my car.

I almost forgot on my scrap date but they did it just in time ..superb service thank you! I will definitely recommend to my friends..

Smooth and fast transaction with Fai. As a busy person myself, Fai never fails to always be a step ahead to remind me what to submit next. Very professional and great customer service, greatly recommended!

Fai was very prompt and professional in following up on my enquiry. she has answered all my doubts and queries with no hidden cost and made me understood the entire process clearly.Thanks for her efforts!

The overall process was quite fast and very smooth. From the time I decided to get an offer price for my car, I was given the highest offer within 48 hours. I was then given the direct access to the dealer for viewing and confirmation. It was a pleasant experience.

Fast and efficient. Got an offer within a a few hours and settled the next day. Transaction was smooth and handled professionally.

Hui min is responsive and provides good customer service She manage to help me to get a very resonable price after I told her the initial quote is below my expectations.

Hassle-free to sell your car. Excellent service provided by Huimin and recommended car dealer.......