Fai has been very helpful and patient in making my COE renewal process transition as smooth as possible. She was very prompt in replying to my queries, giving very clear and concise instructions on what are the documents needed to make the process plain sailing for me. Once again thanks to Fai and motorist.sg for service they deliver. Would definitely recommend to any friends who needs advise on their COE renewals.

The renewal of my COE was professionally handled. Janelle was attentive at all times throughout the whole process, and her follow up on was excellent. Thank you Janelle

Eugene is very prompt and responsive in service. Basically i no need to do anythings, just depend on Eugene and he able to help me to settle for the COE renewal.

I Googled and discovered Motorist.sg and decided to fill up the enquiry on renewal of COE. Their officer, Janelle was very prompt in her replies. I didn't feel being forced to accept anything. Every questions were well answered and the decision was mine to make without rushing me. I just renewed in the end via Janelle. Well done!

Very Good service from Mr Eugene Yeo, staff of Motorist.sg, he had been a great help as, I was busy with my new flat and was struggling with appointment with contractor and interior designers, while had deal with Eugene as he require some documents from me, in which I’m not well prepared. Mr Eugene had show me with great patience and empathy in what I had to deal with, and times again I had delay him with some documents. But again he Mr Eugene had done me a great service and had assured me everything is in proper and going through every step to get my COE extended. Once again! Thank you Eugene! Well done!

I had the pleasure of working with Janelle with my COE renewal. She was fast and responsive and guided me through the processes. And for someone pretty new to the role she was knowledgeable, handled herself well and professionally and made this COE renewal process relatively easy. A very big thank you for your help Janelle!

Eugene is very prompt and responsive; within 1-2 days we could settle everything. Thanks to his professionalism, we are able to renew our COE pretty fast. Please keep up the good work!

Janelle was helpful and assisted me throughout the process. It was an easy process altogether. Thanks. .

Very helpful and supportive during process. Keep reminder me and inform what i need to prepare. Overall, the process is smooth. Good experience with motorsg. Thanks fai

Janelle is very resourceful and helpful. She is approachable and respond to queries on weekends, after office hours is definitely a plus point for customer like me who needs to focus on works. Overall, the process is fast and seamless.

What I like about Janelle is her friendliness, and she is professional, efficient and most importantly approachable.

I was approached by a Motorist staff for something else but when they transferred me to the different department for follow up, it was seamless. The staff Fai who helped me with the processing was very patient in guiding me through the process and provided the information that I needed quickly, too.

The staff by the name of fai is very efficient. She explain everything in detail and very fast respond. I will greatly recommend to my family and friends. Motorist.sg is a good platform for those who wish to renew their coe. Once again thanks to fai and motorist.sg for service they deliver.

Fai was very helpful and responsive. I will highly recommend anyone to renew their COE through motorist.sg. thanks again Fai

Fai is very efficient and knows her stuff well. Prompt responses were received too which gave customers the confidence of dealing with Motorist. She made renewing COE a breeze.

Fai explaination is clear and easy to understand. She is also helpful and patient. Thank you so much.

Fai facilitated the renewal of my car's COE from start to end. There was little hassle throughout the process and she was super prompt in my queries and even after sales service. Thank you Fai.

Fai helped me renew my COE from point of enquiry to final transfer. She was prompt and accurate in addressing my queries. The exercise was completed to my satisfaction very smoothly. Thank you

Fai was helpful and friendly. Renewal of my COE was fast and easy. Will definitely recommend Motorists to people who want to renew their coe.

Thank you for your prompt and professional service. Excellent standard and look forward to deal with you again.