Sonax Ultimate Ceramic Bucket Bundle


The ultimate SONAX ceramic bucket bundle has everything you need to ensure your car is clean and protected. What are you waiting for, get yours now! FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED

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Sonax Ultimate Ceramic Bucket Bundle includes:

1. Bucket with Grit Guard: $39.90

Safest way to get a strict German standard car wash without those nasty swirls.

2. Xtreme Ceramic Active Shampoo 500ml: $36.90

Easiest way to get a layer of ceramic protection while washing the car...easy peasy.

3. Xtreme Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer 750ml: $36.90

Adds gloss, water beading effect and most importantly that ultra slick satisfying feel when drying. Simply spray on the Microfiber Drying Cloth XL and dry the car.

4. Microfiber Drying Cloth XL: $38.90

Our German Monster size drying cloth. Covers a large area and leaves a scratch free finish.

5. Microfiber Wash Glove: $15.90

Handy Microfibre Washing Glove for swirl free washing. Protects your delicate hands and manicured nails.

6. FREE AC Cleaner Probiotics worth $12.90

Who doesn't like Free stuff?! Our extremely popular AC Cleaner comes free with each bucket bundle. Sonax AC Cleaner is the only AC Cleaner that comes with Probiotics, helping to keep your cabin air clean and fresh for 6 months.

Total original price: $168.50

Sonax Ultimate Ceramic Bucket Bundle Price: $115.90

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