Now you can enjoy the divine interior comforts of your car with the Shine Supply Fresh Bundle that helps keeps your interior sanitized, whilst removing all those nasty odors and keeping it smelling vanilla-fresh all day long!

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Each SHINE SUPPLY Fresh Bundle contains:

  • 500ml Hitman

Hit Man is a ruthless sanitary cleaner that attacks grimy culprits and cuts their life span short. This general purpose, industrial grade cleaning spray contains tough agents which hunt down surface intruders that threaten the surfaces you care about most.

- Non-Bleaching

- Suitable for All Hard Surfaces

- Contains Benzalkonium Chloride

- Streak-Free Formula

- Non-Toxic

  • 500ml Cool Breeze

You need an odor remover that can effectively eliminate that stench, not just temporarily mask it. Most “air fresheners” only disguise the scent by pushing it aside. Cool Breeze Odor Remover has dominant enzymes that break apart the “smelly” bonds in foul odors, destroying the odor completely. Cool Breeze can take care of all your odor problems

- Smoker and cigarette odor

- Spilt milk, coffee, and smoothie odors

- Musty odors

- Vomit and urine odors

- Pet odors

Not only does Cool Breeze go to war with odors in the present, its enzymes actually stay active and battle new odors in the future.

  • 500ml Vanilla Bean

Nothing like the scent of Vanilla! Deodorize those bad odors and enjoy the refreshing scent of Vanilla Bean. With just a few sprays, you are in love with your interior's new smell. Mist Vanilla Bean on your carpet and upholstery to get a long-lasting, pleasant scent.

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  • No refunds. 1-to-1 exchange if item is received in damaged condition


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