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SHINE SUPPLY Interior Bundle

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Get the best of the US of A with our Shine Supply Interior Bundle which takes care of all the plastics, vinyls and leather for your interior detailing needs. Now maintaining the inside of your car has never been simpler!

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Each SHINE SUPPLY Interior Bundle contains:

  • 500ml Clean 'N Shine

Clean N’ Shine is your one step solution to cleaning and renewing your interior plastics and vinyl. On top of cleaning and conditioning your interior plastics and vinyl, Clean N’ Shine actually protects them too! UV blockers are mixed with the conditioners to give your new healthy interior the protection it needs against the suns harmful rays. Think of it as sun screen for you interior. These UV blockers double as anti-static agents which makes dust and other airborne particles less likely to stick to your dash and consoles.

  • 500ml Leather & Interior Cleaner

Leather & Interior Cleaner is a ready to use, pH- balanced cleaner that will safely remove dirt and grime from even the most delicate leather. This unique, non-toxic formula will leave your leather fully prepped and ready to be conditioned. Use Leather Cleaner on any leather, vinyl or plastic surfaces.

  • 500ml Leather Conditioner

Replenish your leather with a product that will truly soften and condition it. Leather Conditioner is fortified with real lanolin and bees wax. These are the absolute best ingredients to properly condition and extend the life of your leather. Just a few treatments a year can add years of health to your seats.

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  • No refunds. 1-to-1 exchange if item is received in damaged condition

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  • No refunds. 1-to-1 exchange if item is received in damaged condition


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