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CLEANBRO Silicone Car Wiper with Water-Repellent Formula [JAPAN Technology]

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Purchase with delivery Or FREE Installation when self-collect at Ubi Road 1 Office! Unsure of your car wiper length and connector? Just let us know your car make, model and year and we take care of it for you! How to properly install CleanBro silicone wiper blades? 1. Clean or detail the glass before installing the wiper blade. 2. Clean and dry the glass. (Use a glass squeegee or old wiper to remove water, avoid using cloth as it may leave lints.) 3. Install wiper connector on to the wiper blade. (Make sure adapter is installed properly. You will hear a click sound as you snap the adapter on to the wiper blade.) 4. Turn the wiper on to medium speed for 3-5 minutes. During this process, the rain repellent properties of the wiper blades are being coated on to the windshield. (Do note use fast wiping mode or spray water during the coating process!) 5. You may spray water on to the windshield to confirm the coating effect. (Please repeat the whole process if coating effect is not fully established. During cold or humid weather, coating time may be extended by 5 minutes.)

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Why you should change to CleanBro silicone wiper blades?

Japan Patent Brings Perfect Performance

MITA patented silicone wiper technology was applied for in 1997 and patented in 2007. It has 24 years experience in the production and sales of silicone wiper blades. CleanBro silicone blades deliver whisper-quiet movement, strong water-repellent effect, no abnormal judder, unrivaled vision, and long life.

All-Weather Resistance

MITA silicone water-repellent coating technology solves the problems of ordinary rubber strips that are easy to age, not durable, and blurred vision. Because of the feature of repeatable repair of water water-repellent coating, the water repellent effect can last for 2 years.

CleanBro silicone wiper blade provides exceptional protection against ozone and UV rays while providing a quality wipe, which is what sets it apart from other rubber wipers. It can endure extreme temperature from -50 degree celcius -200 degree celcius.

Excellent Construction

High-strength TPV shell & spring steel construction designed to satisfy modern curved windshield, makes the wiper blade more uniform and durable.

Multi-pivot design converts wind force for maximum windshield contact.

Multi-fulcrum structure provides more consistent pressure over life of the wiper system.

Multi-function adapters design, simple and convenient installation and operation, suitable for 98% of car models, can effectively reduce the wiper inventory.

The adapter uses 100% PBT, which is durable and does not change color.

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  • 1-to-1 exchange only, no refunds will be provided.

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  • 1-to-1 exchange only, no refunds will be provided.
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