BINDER Premium Interior Cleaner by Fireball (5L)

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BINDER Premium Interior Cleaner is an excellent cleaner that takes care of all the interior surfaces, including leather, it removes various contaminants quickly and easily, it also contains moisturizers to help prevent the cracking and drying out of leather. Keep your interior clean and fresh with nice Floral Scent with Binder Premium Interior Cleaner. Premium Interior Cleaner is free of petroleum solvents, silicone oils or gloss agents, penetrates deep into every pore. Simply agitate (Not Scrubbing) with the Free All Purpose Applicator Pad to open pores and allows dirt and body oils to rise to the surface of the leather where it can be wiped away.

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Fireball Korea had developed a new Highly Concentrated Detailing Solution branded Binder. Another High Performance car care products at a very affordable price.

Binder - Advanced Technology

No.1 Detailing Solution

Made In Korea

Bringing Car Detailing to another new level.

1. Shake well before use.

2. Spray on to the surface and gently scrub with an All Purpose Pad or similar.

3. Wipe the surface areas lightly with a clean dry cloth or towel.

pH 7 neutral

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