BINDER Extreme Wheel Cleaner by Fireball (5L)

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BINDER Extreme Wheel Cleaner + (Iron + Wheel Cleaner) is the best solution for wheel management with functional detergents to simultaneously dissolve iron, dust, dirt, grime and contaminants from the wheels. Sprays and sticks like a gel.

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Fireball Korea had developed a new Highly Concentrated Detailing Solution branded Binder. Another High Performance car care products at a very affordable price.

Binder - Advanced Technology

No.1 Detailing Solution

Made In Korea

Bringing Car Detailing to another new level.

1. Allow the wheels to cool sufficiently before spraying the product evenly around the wheel, agitate if required.

2. Wash thoroughly with high-pressure water following application (recommended not allowing to dry).

pH 7 neutral

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