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What should I do if my have a vehicle breakdown in a tunnel?

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How can we assist you?

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For vehicle breakdowns, follow these safety procedures:

- Stop your vehicle by the road shoulder if possible

- Switch on your hazard lights to warn other road users

- Use the nearest emergency SOS phone to call LTA Operations Control Centre.

- LTA will send a vehicle recovery team to tow your vehicle to the nearest designated car park.

- While waiting for your vehicle to be towed, you should find and stay on a raised platform on the road shoulder. You should also be waiting downstream of your vehicle

- Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair your vehicle in the tunnel

- For your own safety, you may be required to leave the tunnel via the nearest escape exit

- If you are unable to move your vehicle to the road shoulder, or if its unsafe to leave your car, stay in your vehicle and call for assistance

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