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What are the enhanced rear and side marking requirements for long vehicles? Do these requirements apply only to new vehicles or will the markings on existing vehicles have to be changed?

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The enhanced requirements will apply to both new and existing vehicles. The changes are:

• Durable rear and side markings with higher retro-reflective properties will be used; i.e. the new markings will have to comply with the UN ECE Regulation Number 104 instead of the current BS.AU 152:1970 standard;

• The colour of rear and side markings will be red and yellow respectively, instead of the existing chevron colour scheme of alternating red and yellow stripes for both markings; and

• Long vehicles will now have three side markings (instead of one side marking currently required for trailers) fitted on each side of the vehicle / trailer.

In addition, the following requirements are no longer necessary:

• The "Long Vehicle" sign, currently required for goods vehicles and trailers with overall length exceeding 13 metres; and

• Flank lights for trailers used as the increase in the number of side markings as well as the higher retro-reflective properties of the markings are sufficient.



over 6 years ago