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How to convert from OPC to Normal Plate Scheme?

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Step 1: Get the total conversion fees and new road tax from

(Under Quick Access > LTAe-Services (non-login) > Maintain A Vehicle > OPC/WEC

Conversion Fees)

Step 2: Submit to the LTA:

• Completed Application Form R10 – Application for Conversion of Off-Peak Car (OPC) / Weekend Car (WEC) / Normal Car;

• Original road tax disc of the car;

• Original periodic inspection certificate (if applicable);

• Original certificate for motor insurance, covering the full period of road tax;

• Original identity document* of the individual owner. (If the owner is a company or a business, the original ACRA printout valid up to 14 days from the date of issue and the original identity document* of the authorised person from the company or business must be produced);

• Original identity document* of the authorised representative if the registered vehicle owner/authorised person is not present at the time of application; and

OPC / revised OPC converting to Normal Car scheme:

i) Administrative fee of $100;

ii) New road tax payable under the Normal Car scheme;


over 8 years ago