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6 months ago

Hi, I have make a loan for 2 cars that is under my deceased companion's name. If I am able to prove the loan amounts through my bank statements, is possible to have both cars transferred back to me as payment? One is with loan and one without. Thanks

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Hi Ct, my deepest condolences to you.

The car can only be transferred if there is no outstanding matter, such as car loan or road tax arrears. So for this matter, kindly settle the loan first.

Transfer of car ownership after death in Singapore can only take place after the grant of probate/ letters of administration.

You should speak to an experienced probate lawyer, especially on the procedure of obtaining a grant of probate/ letters of administration.

Once you have dealt with the lawyer and already have the documents needed. Log in with your SingPass with LTA here: and follow the steps accordingly.

For further assistance, kindly contact LTA hotline at 1800 2255 582.


6 months ago