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What vehicles are prohibited in our road tunnels such as KPE, MCE, CTE, FCT, WVT and SGT?

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Under the Road Traffic Act - Road Traffic (Expressway Traffic) Rules, the following vehicles are not allowed in road tunnels and expressways tunnels:

(a) a vehicle whose overall height (including any load) is 4.5 metres or above;

(b) a vehicle whose overall width (including any load) exceeds 3 metres;

(c) a vehicle whose overall length (including any load) exceeds 13 metres;

(d) a trailer conveying a standard container;

(e) a tanker carrying diesel fuel;

(f) any vehicle that has pedals and is built to be propelled solely by human power; and

(g) any bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor and may be propelled by human power or by the electric motor with which it is equipped, or by both.

In addition to the above, the following vehicles are also not allowed in the Sentosa Gateway Tunnel:

(a) a vehicle whose overall height (including any load) is 3.5 metres or above;

(b) an excursion bus;

(c) an omnibus;

(d) a private bus;

(e) a private hire bus;

(f) a school bus;

(g) a goods vehicle.

Furthermore, under the Road Traffic Act - Road Traffic (Expressways - Excluded Vehicles) Rules, the following list of vehicles are also not allowed on expressways including the KPE, MCE and CTE tunnels:

(a) bicycles;

(b) tricycles;

(c) trishaws;

(d) motor-cycles with side cars attached;

(e) invalid carriages;

(f) three-wheeled vans;

(g) low trailers;

(h) road rollers;

(i) ready-mix concrete trucks;

(j) mobile cranes;

(k) forklifts;

(l) excavators;

(m) road pavers;

(n) tractors;

(o) dumpers;

(p) wheel loaders;

(q) bulldozers;

(r) graders;

(s) mobile concrete pumps;

(t) hydrant dispensers;

(u) motor vehicles with any of the wheels fitted with neither a pneumatic tyre nor a solid rubber tyre; and

(v) any other motor vehicle where the maximum speed at which it may be driven on any road under the Road Traffic (Regulation of Speed) Rules is 40 kilometre per hour.



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