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about 1 year ago

It's my first time owning a car what are some measures I can take to help improve my fuel efficiency?

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1 Answer

Royson Koh

"Firstly, you should ensure that you go for vehicle maintenance regularly. This is to ensure that your engine is running properly and efficiently so that fuel efficiency is not affected.

Secondly, you should remove any additional items in your vehicle that have been cluttered up so that it can help reduce the weight of your vehicle.

Thirdly, Say no to speeding as going above 80 km/h will decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle

Fourth, check on your tires regularly, this is because driving with underinflated tires will cause your engine to exert more energy which hurts fuel efficiency.

Lastly, make sure you check and also utilize any features on your car that can help improve fuel economy. This is because many people actually don't realize that their cars come with these features like cruise control, eco mode, and stop-start systems.

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about 1 year ago