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2 months ago

Regards to the opening up the Malaysia boarder - understand that we are able to cross the checkpoint on/after 01 Apr2022. Query, what abt the Malaysia VEP installed earlier and "Touch n Go" card, due to the pandemic period I believe it has expired past the 2 years unable to utilize? Thank you.

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Jax Chew

Hi bro,

The VEP that you installed earlier will still be valid.

Unfortunately, the “touch and go” card will expire after 1 year of inactivity.

I entered Malaysia 2 weeks ago via Tuas second link, there are ready temp staff in white t-shirt and a green vest selling touch and go cards. I got my card from these staffs.


27 days ago


Thanks Bro,

Eventually, I tried entering on 08 Apr22, surprisingly my Vep RFID linking to my touch n go apps wallet is deductible so is my physical tnGo card that expired in 2025. Thanks God😎


24 days ago