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My cash card was not properly inserted in my IU when I passed an ERP gantry and my IU beeped. How can I pay the ERP or am I supposed to wait for summon?

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Hi Oliver, thank you for leaving a question. When you pass through an operational ERP gantry without a properly inserted a CashCard in the IU, or one with insufficient monetary value in the CashCard, you will receive a letter within a few days of the violation. You must pay the ERP charge plus an administrative fee of S$10 within two weeks from the date of the letter. The administrative fee is reduced to $8 if payment is made electronically via the following channels:

1. LTA's ONE.MOTORING website (

2. AXS stations

3. Self-service Automated Machines (SAMs) at post offices

4. vPost

5. Automated teller machines

6. Internet banking services


about 2 years ago