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What should i be aware of when changing my tyres?

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Tyre Pressure – Learn just what your tyre pressure is, how you can check it and what you need to do about it to make sure it is at the proper levels all of the time.

Tyre Law – Knowing the laws that are in place regarding the condition of your tyres is important if you want to be able to avoid things like fines, tickets and potential accidents. Learn the laws regarding tyres and how to know if your tyres are safe and roadworthy.

Legal Tyre Tread Depth – The tread depth of your tyres plays a large role in just how well your vehicle performs and how safe it will be on the road. Learn what the legal depth is, how to find it on your tyres and what you can do about it.

Tyre Size – Knowing what tyre size you need for your vehicle is important. Our facts show you where you can find this information, what it means and how to go about getting the right tyres.

Tyre Labelling – Knowing what your choices are when you are looking for new tyres is important. Understand the different terms used in tyres and what you should look for in tyres so you know what is best for your vehicle.


almost 7 years ago