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What should i do if my vehicle catches fire in the tunnel?

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Hi there! It's important to remain calm and react quickly in such a situation!

Here are some guide on what to do in case your car catches fire:

- Use your hazard lights.

- Drive out of the tunnel if you can, but don’t make a U-turn or reverse.

- If you can't drive out, drive to a lay-by, an emergency lane or pull over as far to the nearside as you can.

- Turn off your engine but leave the key in.

- Use an emergency phone to call for help.

- Don't open the bonnet, which may be hot and can increase the fire.

- Don’t try to put the fire out yourself, unless it’s only just started.

- If you can’t put the fire out, leave quickly using emergency exits.

- Don't waste time picking up personal belongings.

- Help injured people get to safety too.


over 6 years ago