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about 2 years ago

How do I know if there is a red-light camera ahead of me on the road or nearing a traffic light?

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1 Answer

Denise Ong

Hello Adeline! With the Motorist application, you will be able to check for red cameras and be notified when you are approaching one.

Under the “Dashboard” tab and under “Drive” you can click on “Co-Driver”. Switch on your notifications and you will be notified with real-time audio alerts when approaching different points of interest, in this case, red light cameras.

There are also other cameras such as the Fixed Speed Camera, Mobile Speed Camera, Police Speed Laser Camera and Average Speed Camera.

Under “Traffic Incidents”, you are also able to access a map with different icons on it. You can click on the Red Light Camera icons and check if there are any ahead of you.

You can download our application here:


about 2 years ago