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almost 7 years ago

I recently purchased a vw passat cc 1.8T and signed on the agreement and documents that will not take seller for any liability if there's any defect to the car. 2 months later which is early this week, car check engine light turn on and send to my workshop for inspection. Was told by my workshop that car needs to be overhaul and total cost to replace intake valve, valve guide, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, gaskets set and pistons is at a whooping $6,900. Please advise if I can proceed to repair at my workshop and make a claim from the dealer subsequently.

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1. Was it a direct seller to buyer agreement? If yes, not claimable.

2. If it's a agreement with dealer letterhead, was it written on the agreement that you are aware of the "defects"? If yes, not claimable.

Nevertheless, go to CASE and seek their assistance.


almost 7 years ago